UK government unveils National Data Strategy to create new jobs

UK government unveils National Data Strategy to create new jobs

With its rapid growth, impact and advancement, data has become more important than ever. In light of the current economic world climate, the UK government has recently announced The National Data Strategy aiming to kick start data revolution across the UK.

But what is the National Data Strategy?

This new strategy will explore how the country can use existing UK strengths to boost the use of data in business, government and society. It aims to increase the use of data in order to drive growth, innovation, create new jobs and improve public services. The strategy’s key mission plans include:

  • Training of 500 data analysts across the public sector by 2021.
  • Transforming government’s use of data to improve public services and drive efficiency.
  • Boosting participation in Smart Data, giving people more power to use their own data and find better tariffs in areas like pensions or telecoms.
  • A new, £2.6m project aiming to unite data sharing and support innovation in the public and private sector across the UK.

In summary, it sets out how to best unlock the power of data across the UK, in order to strengthen the economy and deliver opportunities to businesses and individuals.

What does it mean for businesses?

The National Data Strategy presents businesses with an opportunity to use data to explore the new growth era. For example, Smart Data initiative will allow small and medium sized businesses to easily and securely share data with third parties. Furthermore, the £2.6m project aims to help companies develop AI based solutions to tackle issues like privacy more securely.

Whether you are a small start-up or a large multinational business, you may be working with data every day or may have faced it a few times, either directly or indirectly. Data has become the central driving force of the UK economy. Most importantly, aspects like data privacy, security or confidence have become more important than ever.

This strategy can be seen as a positive wake-up call to a wide range of businesses. It presents you with an opportunity to explore data services and solutions, reassuring you and promoting its significance in the ever-changing digital world.

It might be just the right time to consider how effectively managed data services can increase efficiency in your business and confidence in your customers. A cost-efficient improvement to a call management system or an upgrade to security services can go a long way in your company’s long-term success.

How it can benefit your business

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