How club ties can lift your lockdown life

How club ties can lift your lockdown life

These are unprecedented times – the activities and organisations we love are again trying to find ways to stay engaged and connected. But there is one thing that will always unite a club – the uniform. Even something as simple as club ties can make the distance seem that little bit shorter. Here is a little insight on how a tie can change your life in lockdown.

A partner to productivity

They say you should dress for the job you have. For many at the moment that is no job at all, or very restricted working conditions. Being stuck at home can make you feel unproductive and unmotivated. Take a little time out of your day to dress well. If you dress for the role you take in your club – no matter what it is – your brain will make the connection between your duties and your clothing. Wear your club colours with pride as you answer emails, walk a dog, or get your housework done – you will feel smarter, look fresher, and work better. Our products are high-quality and easy to maintain, so you can feel good and rest easy knowing that your tie is well-made and built to last.

Apart together

Your club’s apparel is a key part of its community building. If you are able to meet safely via conference calls, take pride in seeing each other dressed for the occasion. Uniform increases the sense of belonging to a community that respects and cares for you, and that you are part of something bigger than yourself. Our colour and design options are almost limitless, so we can cater to whatever needs your club has.

Getting back to you

It has been proven that your clothes affect your mood. If you are accustomed to dressing in a particular way and suddenly don’t feel the need to, try to ease back into the habit. Routines and habits are great ways to keep your life in order despite such chaotic times. If your club meets at a certain time, dress up as though you were going and do what you can to feel like you are there; telephone a fellow member, read through past minutes, send a round-robin email, or think about an interesting point to bring up for virtual discussion. The way that we dress is an expression of who we are, and getting dressed as ourselves is the easiest way to get back to a sense of self.

A meaningful message

Ties are a great way to get others interested in your club. If you are out and about in your bubbles or on a solo shopping trip, why not don your tie? This is a simple, effective way to attract attention to your organisation and boost membership interest, even in lockdown. If people ask, talk about what your club offers members – people living alone or those feeling isolated will benefit from the community aspect and feel like they are making a contribution. A little goes a long way.

It may seem like an age until clubs and groups will be able to meet face-to-face. By keeping the spirit and unity of your club alive with your ties, you will be keeping your friendships and hopes high. We will never compromise on quality, and guarantee that our ties will still be in top condition when clubs can meet again.

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