Essential checklist when viewing prospective office space

Essential checklist when viewing prospective office space

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking to expand into the perfect office space for your business – see below for a useful checklist to use, which should help you to focus on the main considerations when choosing the right office space for you.


The ideal location for your office space is one that provides the most overall benefits to your business. It should be situated in a networking hub, such as a major city – that permits you to manage and operate your business as effectively and efficiently as possible. This facilitates long-term success.

Consider a central, serviced office from Be Offices: Be Offices believes that first impressions are extremely important – that’s why choosing each office location is taken very seriously. Not only do you receive a fantastic business address, but you are also provided with an inspirational fit-out and environment. However, with Be Office, it’s far more than just office space…


A serviced office provides high-quality internal amenities to ensure your office space is conducive to both morale and productivity. The amenities you must look for in such a high-tech space include everything from high-performance furniture to roaming WIFI, personalised call answering and something as simple as roasted bean-to-cup coffee. All are necessary – and appealing – features of an office space.

Broadband connection

Fast internet is one of the most important factors for tenants when choosing an office space. Slow and unreliable internet slows down business and chases away important clientele.

Consider this – is the area well served by a variety of phone and broadband providers? Can you get high-speed internet coverage and a good Wi-Fi connection that allows you to communicate efficiently and do your work? Do you need to install your own phone and internet?

Be Offices not only answers these key queries; but provides a comprehensive list of all IT services provided. This is an absolute necessity for a prospective office space.

Necessary features include:

  • 10Gb primary pipes & 1Gb back-up lines for dedicated internet access
  • Inclusive local and national telephone calls, UK mobile & international calls
  • Direct dial IP telephone line and handset inc. voicemail to every desk in your office
  • Wi-Fi networks for seamless browsing
  • Such companies can make big promises – are services guaranteed?

Many companies talk about giving excellent services – but only a select few can actually deliver upon all of their ‘talk’. When you view a prospective office, ensure that your provider lists what you can expect when you take space with them – from restocking the kitchens and replacing light bulbs to disaster recovery on IT networks, go over everything. Keep an eye out for those key awards and qualifications – a company that has them is sure to deliver.

Choosing your next office space should never, ever be a decision you rush.  After all, the place is about to become your second home! In light of this, it’s fundamental you keep the aforementioned checklist in mind when viewing prospective office space.

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