How Do You Know Which Game Streaming Service is Right for You?

How Do You Know Which Game Streaming Service is Right for You?

2020 has prompted a lot of surprises from the gaming industry – not least among them being the sudden and fierce competition between a number of brand new game streaming services from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

Game streaming services promise to unlock a new level of gaming potential on our phones – enabling us to access the best titles whenever we are driven away from our consoles and PCs. By paying a subscription, much like we do to Netflix and Hulu, we are able to gain access to vast content libraries that feature an incredible variety of titles, all of which are optimised for a more versatile form of gameplay. 

For most of us, however, the next few months will be a case of working out which streaming service is right for us – and whether we even need one at all. Read more below. 

Not all Games Require a Subscription 

For the casual players of the world – or those who have found their niche – the state of play remains largely unchanged, and may mean that you don’t need a streaming subscription at all. 

For instance, the massively popular online gambling scene is always augmenting their efforts to draw in players. Opportunities for free spins and welcome bonuses are constantly cropping up in the best online casinos UK, which means that you can continue to get the very most out of a thriving industry in a way that benefits you, the player, without making large cash deposits. 

Much like the game streaming service, these games enable an instantaneous style of gameplay that requires no physical disks, or downloads.

Microsoft’s xCloud

Project xCloud is currently boasting around one hundred titles available for players, including A Plague Tale: Innocence and Dead Island Definitive Edition. As with the other streaming services rivalling xCloud, the service is only available to Android users – with Apple currently barring its entry onto the iOS App Store. 

The service is a free addition for those already subscribed to the Game Pass Ultimate Addition, making it a great choice for anyone already well-acquainted with Xbox.

Google Stadia

Announced back in March of this year, Google Stadia is expected to arrive in mid-November 2020, with just over twenty games to start players off including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2. 

It is worth noting that Stadia is not a typical ‘subscription’ based service – players should expect to pay for each game as and when they decide to play it. The monthly cost of the service will fall in just over $10, with the controller costing an addition $70 (unless you already pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition, which is now sold out).

Amazon Luna

While Amazon’s move into the games streaming circuit may have been unexpected when it was first announced earlier this year, early access is already making waves within the gamer circles – including those on iOS. This seems to be one of the biggest selling points for the service – the ability to reach iPhone users. 

So far, it’s had good reviews from early users. It currently houses 50 games, including Metro: Exodus, Ghost of a Tale, and Control – all of which have proven popular in their own right. 

During early access, Luna plus falls in at just under $6 – a great one for those looking to save money on their gaming habits – which enables unlimited play time and access to their growing content library. 

At this point in time, we are in the very early days of game streaming services. Time will tell how popular they prove to be – both as a service, and against one another. For loyal fans of Xbox, the choice will be clear, but consider the cost – and any additional costs of using the services – before picking your side. 

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