Top ways to get your sports fix during lockdown

Top ways to get your sports fix during lockdown

There is no doubt that the UK has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken by the Government to combat it. Chief among the effects has been the two national lockdowns by which everyone across the UK has been impacted. While the first ended a while ago, UK residents are now in lockdown number two until early December.

Sport has been affected hugely by lockdown and this has left many fans eager to get their sporting fix until it is finally lifted. Whether it is not being able to watch your favourite team in person, not being able to play sports yourself or any action under elite level being suspended in many sports, it is a strange time for fans. All this makes it essential to find other ways to get your sport fix.

But how can you do this exactly? While catching live streams or footage from leagues that are still playing without crowds (like the Premier League in football) is an obvious one, that is not all there is to it.

Play sports-themed slot games online

If you are wanting to get your regular sport fix in lockdown, why not play sports-themed online slots? It is perfect as it means you can still enjoy a taste of your favourite sport, even if it is not currently running or you cannot go along to watch it in person. From football-themed slots to those based on horse racing or even fishing, these games are not only great fun but could also be lucrative as well.

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Give classic games or moments another look

Whatever sport it is you love to follow, lockdown can actually give you the time needed to revisit classic old matches or moments. Football fans, for example, could check out England’s 1966 World Cup Final triumph again or laugh at Roy Keane’s infamous 2005 row with Patrick Viera. In fact, football fans could probably fill a whole day of lockdown just looking through Roy Keane fallouts over the years. The same is true for other sports, where classic matches can help you get your sporting fix during lockdown.

Do some sports yourself

While you will not be able to head out over lockdown to play sports with those outside your household, this does not mean you should forget about it. Finding ways to carry on playing sports is advisable if you do normally play every week with friends. Even if you don’t, getting your own sporting action on the go at home in lockdown can help fill that sporting gap.

But how can you do this? To begin with, you could choose to head into your garden and play a sport with a member of your household. Whether you kick a football or throw a rugby ball to each other, it is a great way to make a sport a part of your life. If you live alone, you can still get into any outdoor space you have to enjoy some sporting action solo. Playing sports at home is also superb for staying in shape and looking after your physical health. If you are looking at how to avoid gaining weight over lockdown, it can really help.

Check out online news and sporting gossip

Of course, heading online to check out the latest news is a great way to get your lockdown sports fix. Even if the particular competition, sport or team you follow is not playing over this period, there will still be plenty of stories to catch up on. There are loads of news sites online for every sport you can think of – a simple internet search is all you need to find them. Most players or clubs will also have their own website, which is a great resource for sporting news at the moment.

Get your sports fix until lockdown is over

With the second UK national lockdown in place until early December, there is still a way to go yet for everyone around the country. For sports fans, this means it is vital to find ways to stay involved with the game and teams they love. This will not only make lockdown more bearable but also stop you getting out of touch with the sport you love.

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