Everything you need to know about gaming desks

Everything you need to know about gaming desks

Gaming is a serious business. Today, it’s possible to make a living from games, and even those of us with less lofty ambitions like to be comfortable when we’re immersed in our favourite game. Computer desks for gaming as well as work are increasingly popular with consumers. They give you a level of practical support and comfort while enhancing your gaming experience.

What is a gaming desk?

A gaming desk is a piece of furniture that has been designed with the particular needs of gamers in mind. Every feature of the desk has been carefully optimised to enhance the gaming experience. They come in a wide variety of options, offering space for multiple screens and making it easy to switch from controllers to keyboards and back again. They’re also ergonomically designed to support gamers for long periods of time. You won’t be inadvertently doing yourself an injury while enjoying your favourite game when you’re sitting at a gaming desk. Tidiness might not be the top of every gamer’s must-have list, but a gaming desk certainly makes that more achievable. Wires can be hidden, and there’s often space to store your snacks, so there’s no need to get up and head to the kitchen when you’re peckish!

What to consider when you’re buying a gaming desk


It’s no good buying a gaming desk, that’s way too big for your room. You need space to enjoy your gaming comfortably, but not so large that it predominates. Measure the space in your room where you want your gaming desk to go, and then look for a suitable size option. Whether you’re after something compact, or a large desk for multiple users, there’s plenty of choices available.


A gaming desk needs to be adjustable to cope with different users. If you’re gaming for any length of time, your position will be likely to change, so it’s important that your desk can be adjusted to account for different heights.


As well as the size, the shape of your desk is all-important. Are you looking for a desk that can fit into the corner of your room, without compromising the space available? Or perhaps, you want something L-shaped and ergonomic.


Some gaming desks will be harder wearing than others. If you’re an occasional gamer, then you may not need something as strong as someone with ambitions to become a pro. Check the materials your desk is made of. As a general rule, the stronger the materials the more you’ll pay.


The three principal materials used in the manufacture of gaming desks are wood, PVC and steel. PVC is generally the cheapest option, but in terms of looks, wood is hard to beat. Steel is hard-wearing and practical and will take whatever you throw at it.

Gaming desks have multiple uses

A gaming desk can easily be re-purposed for work, or other use. Whereas a traditional computer desk might not have been comfortable for gaming for any length of time, a gaming desk allows you to either game or work in comfort.

Gaming desks can help you win

Having an intelligently designed gaming desk can even improve your gaming skills. You’re no longer having to try and concentrate while feeling uncomfortable. A gaming desk can give your skills that added winning edge.

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