Sports Betting Fan Favorites

Sports Betting Fan Favorites

There is much enjoyment to be found in the world of sports betting. Some of the best wins come from the big events that are held in each sport. Let’s take a look at some of the favourite events that are loved by sports betting fans across the globe.

Grand National

Of all the sporting events that are held in the UK, the Grand National is the most iconic. It is enjoyed by long term and well-established bettors as well as by those who just like the prestige of the event. It is certainly an event that should feature in your betting strategy.

Cheltenham Festival

When it comes to horse racing, although Cheltenham Festival may not be as historic as others, but it has become increasingly popular with younger spectators and especially bettors due to its famous atmosphere – the ‘Cheltenham roar’. It is a popular choice for avid bettors and even for newbies as thanks to Cheltenham race cards for 2021 they have plenty of help to make the best bets.

Race Day at Champ de Mars

As the national sport of Mauritius, horse racing enjoys a lofty position in the culture of the small island. The longest course in the southern hemisphere is packed to the bursting point every weekend as bettors, locals and those just looking for a social occasion flood the turf. There is always plenty to bet on as the country turns their attention to the races, the horses and their beloved jockeys.

The Epsom Derby

Standing as the most prestigious of the classics, the Derby is one of the highlights of the racing calendar and a firm favourite with sports bettors. The event is always marvellous and the atmosphere is as great as the betting opportunities. A day at the races is never a disappointment when it comes to the Derby, and many a bettor has a tale to tell of a great day and a great win.

Stanley Cup Final

The most exciting game in the NHL calendar, the Stanley Cup Final is a favourite with bettors in America and the UK.

Super Bowl Final

With the popularity of the NFL booming in the UK, it is time for us Brits to get in on the action when it comes to betting on one of the world’s favourite sporting events.

FA Cup Final

The competition that makes us all dreamers – and bettors. We love nothing more than to cheer on the minnow in the shadow of the giant, and there are always great bets to be won during this fan favourite. The upsets for the big teams can often be the joy for fans of sports betting.

Football World Cup Final

A favourite with bettors across the globe, there is nothing quite like the final of the World Cup. There are always plenty of betting opportunities – and a fair number of surprises – to be enjoyed during this bettor’s favourite.

Silverstone Formula One Grand Prix

As iconic as the cars themselves, the Silverstone circuit is seen as the home of the sport to many of its fans. The day of the race is always filled with excitement and sponsors and there is often a lot of history on show, too. It is a great event for bettors and there are many who ensure that it is a part of their betting plans even if they are not fans of the sport. Don’t miss out on the chance to win big with this iconic and historical sporting event.

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