Betlab BTB developing software to grow your business

Betlab BTB developing software to grow your business

Betlab BTB is an IT company engaged in professional custom software development. Its specialists provide services to create a quality product that meets all business requirements. The development of functional for the customer’s business requirements is able to increase economic efficiency at a particular site by 3-4 times, because functionally it will fully meet the needs of the enterprise.

As a rule, the development service is mostly demanded by “IT-dependent” companies and in the most competitive industries. The business processes are often unique or should be unique to improve economic performance indicators and maintaining the competitive level of the client company in its industry. Therefore, in addition to IT competencies, is experienced in designing specific business processes and in-depth understanding of the customer’s industry-specific objectives.

When developing the most modern technologies and approaches are used with full account of the information infrastructure components and technological stack, in which the software will exist. As part of the solutions, BTB Betlab implements:

  • pre-project survey and analysis of business processes and infrastructure;
  • conceptual design and modeling of business processes;
  • development of solution architecture, selection of optimal technology stack;
  • application development;
  • testing and deployment;
  • deployment and deployment;
  • maintenance and support!

The result of software developing is the implementation of a unique solution that takes into account to the smallest details specific to the business processes of an enterprise. This makes it possible to achieve significant business results both in terms of economy and in terms of quality characteristics of corporate governance. The peculiarity of custom software development by Betlab BTB is also the fact that you become the full owner of the product and can make any necessary changes without the help of third-party specialists.

BTB Holdings development solutions

Tasks of custom software development are successfully solved by highly qualified specialists of BTB Holdings. They are ready to start developing software for you both on the basis of a full technical specification, proposed by you, and through the development of such a document by its own specialists on the basis of an unformalized description. BTB Betlab offers a full range of custom software development services, from adapting existing systems to specific customer requirements to developing reliable and efficient solutions from scratch in accordance with the customers’ individual vision:

  • development from scratch;
  • application integration and customization;
  • migration and modernization of existing systems;
  • continuous improvement and support;
  • project salvage!

The final result of software development depends directly on the requirements specification and the tasks specified in it. The tasks in the terms of reference should be set clearly and competently. Betlab BTB offers you its help in drawing up the terms of reference, which will be developed taking into account all the needs of your company.

Over the years of successful work on complex projects of high complexity, BTB Holdings has accumulated unique experience both in the technological domain and in various vertical and horizontal areas. The formation of the team allocated for project implementation – developers, software architects, business analysts, quality control specialists, coordinator and project manager – is based on the domain experience and specific technical skills of each of the participants.

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