How To Win Big With A Simple Online Transaction?

How To Win Big With A Simple Online Transaction?

ACE Money Transfer & Bank Alfalah presents an opportunity to win exciting prizes. For Overseas Pakistanis using ACE’s remittance services for all international money transfers to Pakistan, this offer will help send money home while playing their part in Pakistan’s economic development.

Because of the remittance industry’s technological revolution, sending funds to Pakistan has become easy, safe, and convenient. Pakistanis can now send money back to the country instantly and from anywhere using the ACE app.  

People who will send money to Pakistan with ACE Money Transfer stand to gain more with the offer. For instance, if the beneficiary receives a transaction through Bank Alfalah in Pakistan, both the remitter and the beneficiary will be entrants in weekly draws.

How To Add Extra Value To Cater The Needs Of Your Loved Ones?

The remittance industry is evolving rapidly, leading to several improvements and advancements in the industry. ACE Money Transfer, in collaboration with Bank Alfalah, aims to cater to the needs of users in managing the transfer of funds to Pakistan while simultaneously progressively impact the economic development.

The prize details for the ACE & Alfalah offer are as follows: 

  1. Gold – 20 tolas or 234 grams for three winners
  2. Gold biscuits – 5 tolas for six winners
  3. iPhone 12 PRO – 128 GB for 12 winners

A total of 3 winners will be qualified to receive 20 tolas or 234 grams of gold. Simultaneously, six winners will qualify to receive a gold biscuit of 5 tolas or 58.5 grams of gold, while 12 winners will receive the iPhone 12 PRO-128 GB. 

Maximize Transactions and Raise Your Chances of Winnings

A valid transaction is considered as a single entry in the lucky draw. By conducting the maximum number of transactions, users will enhance their odds of winnings; the more entries, the more chances of winnings.

What Is Eligibility Criteria?

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah present the offer’s eligibility requirements as mentioned above, which are simple and easy to understand. Specific requirements must be fulfilled to qualify for the lucky draw contest to win luxurious prizes as below: 

  1. The transaction service provider must be ACE Money Transfer
  2. The transaction must be received via Bank Alfalah in Pakistan
  3. The transaction must be held between the promotional period, i.e. March 24 to June 30, 2021
  4. The transaction must be executed between the active sending and receiving corridors for the ACE & Alfalah offer.

Send money to Pakistan with the most reliable remittance partner and receive remittance payments in Pakistan with Bank Alfalah. ACE & Alfalah’s offer will contribute significantly to economic development and progress. Make transactions with ACE & Alfalah to win marvellous prizes. 

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