The impact of games on the electricity used

The impact of games on the electricity used

Electricity is an integral part of human life. It’s hard to imagine an apartment or house without a refrigerator, TV, washing machine, or microwave. All of these appliances provide a comfortable living environment. 

But the more electrical appliances a person uses, the higher his electricity bill will be. In addition, the amount of energy consumed also depends on the use of hot water or the appliances that are constantly on. This problem affects most people, regardless of the country or city. 

Many people wonder how to save money. Of course, you can simply give up all the comforts and live almost free without using electricity. Another option is to use some illegal method of not paying bills at your own risk. But who is willing to take that risk? 

Just recently,  Pm tech researchers presented a unique solution. It turns out that it is possible to save on electricity just by using your phone. 

How does it work? Many developers are moving away from the idea of mobile games just for fun. Increasingly, apps are appearing that use a fun and simple interface to convey really serious and important topics. In addition, there are games that can help save money on energy consumption. 

3 games everyone should know

Reduce Your Juice is a unique program created by City Smart with the support of Queensland University. The program consists of three games, the main goal of which is to teach people how to consume and use energy correctly. These games are designed for all members of the family – adults and children alike. 

  1. Temperature Defender. This game is designed to teach people about the proper use of air conditioners and fans. By learning to keep the temperature this way in the game, a person will be able to do the same in real life.
  2. Fully Loaded. Using cold water instead of hot water when doing laundry greatly reduces electricity consumption. And, accordingly, saves money. Learning how to properly set the temperature is possible in this game. 
  3. Power Raid. Many people forget how important it is to unplug appliances that are not in use. After all, even in such a passive state, it still consumes electricity and affects the size of the bills. The third mini-game supports the idea of turning off appliances in time. And the easy interface and fun characters make the game not only educational but also simply interesting. 

Will the games help?

Many people are used to the idea that games are more likely to do harm than good.  But is it really so? 

Of course, playing entertaining games 24.7, it is hardly possible to count on any positive change. However, as practice shows, special developmental games help to better absorb and remember useful information. Why does this happen? Most likely, it is due to the release of hormones that help improve memory and the appearance of a good mood. Because games are associated with recreation, a person sees them not as boring learning, but as fun entertainment. And in this way information is absorbed much better. 

This explains why games affect the amount of electricity consumed more than the Internet or television. As stated above, in a playful mood it is easier to remember and sometimes even understand complex serious information. 

The main question is will it save money?

So, the positive effect of games on electricity use has already been proven. But does it really have an effect on saving money? The answer is certainly yes.

The sooner each family member learns to turn off lights, appliances, or use cold water instead of hot water, the sooner the electricity bills will decrease. And if there is an opportunity to learn this information in a playful way – why not take advantage of it?

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