10 Reasons An Escape Room Is the Best Team Building Activity

10 Reasons An Escape Room Is the Best Team Building Activity

There is no denying the fact that the workforce of an organization plays a major role in its success. The employees must work with utmost diligence and coordination. Colleagues should always offer mutual support and boost each other’s morale. Unquestionably, a healthy working environment is one of the most crucial aspects for accomplishing organizational objectives. Employees should learn to work in each other’s company and excel in their strengths. This is why team spirit is extremely important.  

A team-building activity is a great way to enhance communication, cooperation, and teamwork among employees. If you are looking for adventurous ways to enhance your organization’s team spirit, we have just the right option in store for you – The Escape Room Games. 

Escape room adventures provide a real-time opportunity to get out of the office monotony and immerse yourself in a thrilling escapade. It enables the workforce to work as a team and achieve the company’s goals and objectives.  

Below we have listed the top 10 reasons why an escape room is the best team-building activity for your organization. So, without any further delay, let’s dive straight into it. 

1.?Escape Games Help Foster Leadership Skills 

As we all know, there are certain team members along with a team leader in any group activity. But, escape room adventures offer a more holistic experience. They encourage each and every player to participate and put forward their ideologies. This helps the employees to enhance their leadership skills in high-pressure escapades. The players interact with each other to share their strategies. Moreover, the participants brainstorm together and further plan the next step to fathom the victory. 

2.?Builds Trust 

The participants develop a sense of reliability towards their companions when they complete an escape room challenge. This boosts their confidence and encourages them to face any obstacle while working together, even in a time-sensitive environment. The escape rooms also provide the opportunity to build trust among the members. Once a member starts to understand other’s opinions, it significantly enhances their teamwork. Thus, an escape room adventure helps build the trust that is needed for teamwork. 

3.?Builds Creative Thinking 

In an escape room game, the team has to follow a particular time limit. As the clock starts ticking, the pressure fabricates. This interesting twist encourages the participants to outperform themselves and think out of the box. Undeniably, escape rooms enhance the creative thinking and decision-making power of an individual. The members look for creative as well as quick methods to achieve the target and fathom the victory. The dynamic nature of the escape room adventures keeps the team engaged and energized throughout the game.  

4.?Supports collaboration 

There is no denying the fact that the teams in escape room games must cooperate to achieve their goals efficiently. Certain puzzles and challenges require one player to direct and another to control. This boosts the collaboration among the members. They develop a sense of mutual understanding as well as empathy towards each other. This, in turn, helps in creating a healthy working environment within an organization.  ? 

5.?Instant Team Building 

As we mentioned above, escape room games follow a particular deadline that can be anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes. Thus, teams have limited time to solve puzzles in an escape room adventure. This encourages everyone to think rapidly and decode the clues before the clock stops ticking. There is no time for any delay in an escapade. Therefore, escape rooms enhance teamwork and align the team with a common goal. 

6.?Good Communication among Team members 

Puzzle-solving in an escape room requires good communication skills and dedication. This includes providing directions to your teammates, unraveling the hidden clues, merging up the ideas, organizing the hints, and so forth. Unquestionably, it becomes important for participants to share their ideas and inform the team about anything that seems out of place. This interactive environment brings introverted team members out of their shells. A loud voice doesn’t matter in an escape room. Instead swift work and being smart is what plays the major role. 

7.??Understanding Team Strength and Weaknesses 

A team surely measures its strengths as well as weaknesses while playing escape room. These adventurous challenges test the team’s critical thinking ability, listening skills, and decision-making power. Without a doubt, escape rooms provide a safe space to be yourself and test out some extraordinary strategies. This boosts the confidence of employees and helps them acknowledge each other’s positives as well as negatives. 

8.?Motivation in the team 

Every team has a group full of different personalities and skill types. Escape room games demand the collaboration of different ideas and skills to achieve a common goal. Thus, each member is motivated and encouraged to solve the puzzles as a team. This helps the individuals to enhance their leadership skills and work on their quick thinking abilities. This keeps the team determined and helps them achieve their goal within a time limit. 

9.??Builds Team Perseverance and Confidence 

It is up to the team to figure out every single challenge in an escape room. There are several clues to overcome the obstacles and figure out things. One can go wrong several times while solving a puzzle. But, this doesn’t stop the participants from trying again until they decipher the mystery. This immersive environment helps the participants be more persistent and confident. ? 

10.?Potential for Success 

We all can agree that escape room challenges have a lasting impact on the teams. These entertaining and productive challenges encourage the team members to bring out the best version of themselves. They create better teams by challenging everyone’s mental aptitude and decision-making ability. Team members analyze each other’s skills and get to know how they work. This increases their potential as well as dedication to work towards success.  

Wrapping Up 

Team building activities break the monotony of the overwhelming office mayhem. It helps the employees create treasurable memories and enhance their skill sets. These team-building activities bring different individuals together and help them set a positive tone for future team projects. 

Without a doubt, escape room games serve as a brilliant team-building event for any organization. Escape room mysteries offer a heart-palpitating encounter that is easily accessible and also affordable. The intriguing puzzles urge players to think outside the box and take on the new challenges in their path. This article talks about 10 reasons why escape room games are your best bet for team-building activities.  We trust that this article will help you pick the perfect team-building activity for your organization. 

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