How to Repair Ray-Ban lenses?

How to Repair Ray-Ban lenses?

Although Ray-Ban sunglasses are expensive, their quality, great elegance and distinction can make them a good investment for your style. The company manufactures a wide range of styles, including the aviator style and the classic Wayfarer model. These lenses use plastic or metal frames, according to the client’s preferences. Ray-Ban sunglasses are an essential accessory for the summer, and in any situation where we are exposed to natural light.

However, if for any reason you require to replace Ray-Ban lenses or another part to fix them, you should look for a recognized repair shop, which guarantees the replacement with original parts, as well as trained personnel to ensure a successful and perfect recovery of your lenses.

As a main recommendation, you should only trust your precious things to expert hands, such as any of the Ray-Ban models.

How to repair the main parts of Ray-Ban lenses?

Although the quality, duration and integrity of these Ray-Ban lenses are guaranteed to be long lasting, it may be necessary to replace some parts of the lens, among the most common parts that may require a change are: lenses, temples, bridge, nose pad, hinge and others. We remind you, always check the originality and quality of the pieces or parts to be used for repairs or replacements, or you could regret it.

Iconic models of Ray-Ban glasses

There are two models that identify the brand, the Ray-Ban Aviador and the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, both are classics that have been used for decades by actors, actresses, other celebrities and, of course, many people around us.

The Ray-Ban Aviators are ideal for sporty, casual or elegant looks, they go well with everything and they suit men and women alike. Its metal frame and the particular shape of its lenses are recognizable as part of popular culture.

The Wayfarer are the best-selling Ray-Ban sunglasses; the plastic frame is their distinguishing feature. Although there are many models within their style, they all have a stamp, an aesthetic that makes them recognizable as Ray-Ban glasses.

Ray-Ban, the glasses that never get old fashioned

Ray-Ban sunglasses have been manufactured since the first decades of the 20th century, with changes in their style. It is an accessory that doesn’t become old fashioned, because they are a classic that have turned into an emblem of style, elegance and overwhelming personality.

The Aviator Metal models, are the favorites of people who want to give a sexy, avant-garde and successful look, the metal frames and the color of the crystals combine for the characteristic Ray-Ban® look that everyone seeks.

The Wayfarer models are much more classic, elegant and sober, those with black frames and crystals combine with any look and occasion. They can be used on any occasion at any time.

Depending on the characteristics and shapes of your face, some lens models will look better on you. Oval-faced people do well with all models and should only consider their personal tastes. Round faces do well with rectangular designs that balance their shapes. Square faces do best with round glasses.

We hope that with these recommendations you can keep your Ray-Ban glasses in good conditions and at the same time you can be updated with today’s trends for many more years, as it has been its characteristic throughout its history.

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