What actions do Spanish hotels carry out to attract their public?

What actions do Spanish hotels carry out to attract their public?

Nowadays, hotels need more than ever to innovate and carry out various actions to maintain their audience, as well as to attract new customers. It is no longer enough to have the infrastructure, nor is it enough to offer simple rooms to stay and rest. For a hotel to be successful, much more is needed.

In this article, we will talk particularly about what Spanish hotels are doing to attract their public in the current times. You can’t miss it!

The importance of the Internet in the success of hotels

The first thing you should know is that if hotels are looking to be established, they are practically obliged to make use of the Internet and the multiple tools it offers. The reason for this is that we live in an increasingly technological and modern world, in which people have adopted digital media as part of their daily lives, as well as numerous technological tools.

It is a fact that for people to accept that a site or product (in this case, a hotel) is of quality, it must be present on the web, either with reviews or the possibility of booking on important sites or with its own page and accounts on social networks. These allow you to know in depth and easily everything about it and what it offers.

This is why most of the actions carried out by Spanish hotels, as well as those in other parts of the world, to attract their public, revolve around the Internet.

What actions are Spanish hotels taking to attract their public?

Having made clear the importance of the Internet in the success of hotels, we proceed to present the actions carried out by hotels, in this case in Spain, to attract their public:

1.- They have their own optimised website

Successful Spanish hotels do not overlook having their own website optimised to move around perfectly on both computers and mobile devices.

On their pages they offer the most interesting information about their facilities and services. For example, they offer detailed images and characteristics of their rooms, as well as the rest of their spaces (cafeteria or internal restaurants, swimming pool, gymnasium, recreation rooms, lobby, among others).

These websites are not only visually appealing, they are also very intuitive and provide visitors with the possibility to contact the hotel and to easily and quickly book a specific room for a specific date.

2.- They have a presence in social networks and OTA’s

Spanish hotels not only have their own website, but also have a presence in the most popular social networks, as well as in the OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies).

They have excellent digital marketing strategies, with which they make themselves known in an attractive way on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, capturing a huge audience. In fact, many of them offer on their social media accounts the possibility to book accommodation directly.

Likewise, Spanish hotels are registered and have an important presence in the main OTA’S or Online Travel Agencies, which allow them to obtain a large number of clients as they are in the first results of search engines such as Google. It is worth mentioning that these agencies constantly offer attractive offers that help hotels enormously.

3.- They innovate and make renovations to differentiate themselves from their competitors

In order to attract their public, Spanish hotels dare to innovate and carry out the necessary renovations in order to give a fresh and attractive image, which in turn differentiates them from their competitors.

They apply beautiful and original decorations, use trendy materials for their spaces (giving rise for example to a natural stone bathroom), adopt a modern and quality service style, among many other things that do nothing more than build customer loyalty and attract new ones at the same time.

4.- They make and send attractive offers to their clients

As the last of the actions carried out by Spanish hotels to attract their public, at least of those mentioned in this post, is to make and send both interesting and special offers to their customers.

In fact, they grant them from various advantages (such as free nights or wifi, a special basket with welcome gifts) to discounts on future bookings. They also offer time-limited offers for new customers. A great example of these are the Lopesan offers.

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