6 Ways Chatbot Marketing Can Drive Sales

6 Ways Chatbot Marketing Can Drive Sales

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence and machine language program used nowadays by marketers as an effective tool to promote their business and increase sales. In simple words, chatbot marketing is an innovative strategy that utilizes a chatbot program to promote the products and services of a business organization. About 69% consumers prefer chat bots due to quick and immediate response to queries.

Opt for best SEO services to conduct a precise and advanced chatbot program for your business. Marketers can use chatbots for their multiple marketing strategies. About 57% executives and marketers assured that chatbot marketing brings return on investment with minimal efforts.

Statistics show that about 56% of consumers prefer to text queries instead of getting in touch with customer care support. The leverage of this program is taken by marketers to develop the best AI chatbots for websites that can answer any queries. There are several ways through which chatbot marketing can generate or drive sales. Some of the ways are:

  • Lead Generation and Easy Ordering:

Getting chatbot marketing for your business website will help you to connect with a large number of audiences. As statistics show, about 67% of millennia’s make purchases of products from online brands that offer chatbots. Connecting with such a large target audience will generate huge leads for your potential sales. The one-to-one interaction with chatbots can help marketing agencies to engage web traffic and generate more insights about their consumers’ demand and views about the products.

Advanced chatbots also enable users to perform easy ordering. A consumer can type the product name or any specification to chatbot. The bot will directly land him/her to the desired webpage. This easy and convenient procedure has driven more sales compared to those businesses that don’t use chatbots.

  • Recommendation of Products and Services:

Marketers use chatbots to recommend products and services of a brand tactfully. Suggesting random products or services can loosen the interest of your consumer. That’s why marketers use chatbots to refer to suggestions of products based on the consumers’ previous purchase history. Chatbots recommends products like a consultant rather than any pushy salesman. This gives a personalized experience to the consumers about new products suggestions. This kind of marketing strategy used through chatbots increases the sales and web traffic of your online business.

  • Automated Shipping and Delivery Messages:

Consumers are always curious about the delivery, packaging quality and shipping dates from the e-commerce websites. Consumers also look for timely updates from the business website about the location and estimated delivery date.  Any failure in getting the answers to these queries may loosen their complete interest in the product. This may also harm your business reputation and that client may never visit your website again. A chatbot eliminates this issue and provides time-to-time updates to the customers about shipment, packaging and delivery date and time. Marketers include FAQs on chatbots to enable it to answer any question or query from the consumer.

  • Cross-Selling and Up selling:

Chatbot is a multi-functioning program that offers services such as up selling and cross-selling of products and services other than answering queries and complaints. This helps to generate more revenue through the use of chatbots. These bot up-sells products when a consumer searches for some category in an online store. It can also cross-sell products to the consumer to encourage them to make expensive purchases. These suggestions are made on the basis of pre-set product matches on the basis of features. All these enhanced specifications of chatbots are managed by marketing agencies to generate more sales for the business.

  • Recovery of Shopping Cart Sales:

Many people tend to add online products on their shopping cart and later abandon to buy it. This can be due to many reasons such as lack of interest, confusion, problem with shipping or delivery dates, slow page load, etc. All these issues can be eradicated through the implementation of chatbot. It sends reminders to the consumers about their cart items in a personalized and good way. This encourages a lot of consumers to revisit their website. This in turn generates a lot of recovery of shopping cart sales.

  • Product Guidance:

At times, consumers may tend to leave the e-store due to inconvenience in finding the right product or service in the website. In such cases, a chatbot is an excellent guide that provides information to the users about various product and service categories of the website. A chatbot helps to provide all details about the products available on the e-shop such as benefits, description, specifications, price, etc instantly.

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, most of the consumer prefers to interact through chatbots rather than visiting business websites to mail or call. About 95% of the consumers believe in efficient customer service. So it is better for businesses to integrate their website with advanced AI based chatbots through marketing agencies. Apart from driving sales, it will also enhance customer satisfaction and engagement at minimal investment cost.

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