Car Valeting Tips From The Experts

Car Valeting Tips From The Experts

Cleaning a car is one of those tasks that is unavoidable, and sometimes can be a bit frustrating, especially if it doesn’t end up as clean as you thought it would.

But do it right, and your car can look like a brand new model. If you want to achieve anything close to a showroom finish, it’s going to take a lot more than a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. We, from Car Valet Bristol  give you some tips for cleaning and valeting your car the right way:

Choose the right time

Don’t try to wash your car in extreme heat. If it’s hot, then water will evaporate quickly and form grimy residues before you have a chance to wipe them off. Dark coloured cars can absorb so much heat they become hot and can affect some of the chemicals used for car valeting.

The science of washing

It is essential to wash your car with proper car washing products. Don’t use household detergent because this will strip away any protective wax layer on the paint.

Start from the roof, then work your way down the sides, front and rear of the car.

Be careful that your bucket is not collecting grit.

If you’ve got some stubborn spots, don’t just keep rubbing away because this may damage the paint. Instead, use a tar and bug remover spray.

Always dry after washing

No matter how you wash your car, it is important to dry the car after you’ve rinsed it. This prevents water marks drying onto the car. A microfiber cloth is perfect for the job.


You don’t have to wax your car every time you wash it. There are car shampoos that contain wax too, but most valet experts would rather wax the car properly 2-4 times a year. Waxing the paint protects it from the elements, while also giving a lovely finish and deep shine. It does this by giving the paintwork a protective layer on top of the existing finish.

Wheels and tyres

Don’t forget the wheels. You’ll probably need a pretty stiff brush to remove all the brake dust and road grime, and here’s a handy tip – when you think you’re done, push the car forward through half a rotation of the tyres and do it again so that you clean the parts you couldn’t get to properly the first time around.

Clean the glass

It’s a good idea to leave this until last because the windows tend to pick up dirt and grime from all the other steps. You need a good glass cleaner for this, but choose one designed for automotive use and not a regular household glass cleaner because it may contain ammonia, which is bad for vinyl upholstery.

Indeed having a proper car wash can be surprisingly difficult to achieve. If you don’t have the time to do one yourself or you hesitate you might not get it done properly, take it to the professianals, they know how to make your car sparkling clean.

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