When do you need a Windows VPS?

When do you need a Windows VPS?

You have your website all set up, your project is growing, and things start to get heated. It seems like more and more visitors are making your website load slower. So, maybe that shared hosting plan you are currently using is not quite enough, and you need an upgrade? Well, let’s talk about what are the main giveaways when you need to get yourself a Windows VPS.

Outgrowing a shared plan

So, the first tell-tale sign is that your business is growing, and the traffic you get is increasing. If your resource consumption is approaching the levels, you will have to pay for a premium shared hosting plan, and it is better to switch to a VPS for a more flexible payment model and lower prices. And this is just a beginning.

Next is if you want to run some applications, but your current shared hosting provider does not offer them. Recognized Windows VPS will provide you with root access where you’ll install any app that you need without even asking for permission from the app developer. Get ready to craft a perfect virtual environment.

Needing more reliable security system

Now, if you need more security for that critical data, consider a VPS as if one website running on the same shared hosting server gets breached, others will be in danger too. A separate virtual part of the server will help you keep all the information safe. If you need more uptime and reliability in your website, a VPS is superior because one user will not be able to hog all the resources right as your peak visitor hours approach.

One more thing here, it is wise to look for a service provider that also owns a DC with a Tier III certificate. Why? It could be considered as a proof of meeting the highest European standards. In short, that document indicates that your server will be safe and sound. Reliable Tier III certified DC is based on the highest quality enterprise hardware and safety systems that guarantee an uptime of up to 99.98%.

Looking for a specific virtual environment

The fact is that businesses can’t keep growing if customers leave them unhappy because of the slow loading speeds or, even worse, a website that’s down for server maintenance. And lastly, you will have way more control over your virtual private server with the root access letting you install any software you might need, not to mention configuring the core settings to suit your project specifically.

So, to keep up with the growing business and everything advancing quickly in the IT sector, you need to keep up too. As VPS offers gradual upgrades when required and constantly updated software, you will have no problem with doing just that. A perfect virtual playground does exist, and you just need to do the homework!

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