Crypto Genius & Bitcoin Era: Two Most Highly Profitable Crypto Trading Software

Crypto Genius & Bitcoin Era: Two Most Highly Profitable Crypto Trading Software

In recent times trading robots and software have revolutionised the online crypto trading world with groundbreaking technology, and brought great results for investors. Developers are coming up with new software regularly with excellent features and algorithms.

In this post, we will focus on a couple of leading trading websites that have taken the crypto trading war to the next level. Here they are.

  1. Crypto Genius Software

Crypto Genius Software is an auto-trading platform for the cryptocurrency market, where investors only need to make a minimum deposit of ?250 to begin live trading. It is a completely automated platform, and even beginners with no or little experience can trade and earn significant profits.

Trading through this software takes place using a sophisticated algorithm that identifies the best trading opportunities in the crypto market by scanning them. After identifying the trading opportunities, the algorithm does the trading for the users. As an investor, you only need to sign up, deposit a minimum amount, test using a demo account, or start live trading.

Does Crypto Genius Have a Good Market Reputation?

Different experts and review sites have conducted tests to confirm that Crypt Genius is a legitimate and reliable trading platform. This trading platform has a team of committed customer service executives to guide investors who may feel confused while navigating the platform.

On top of it, an account manager will keep in touch with you to help in your trading efforts, particularly, when setting up your account. You will also feel assured to hear that Crypto Genius has an alliance with several regulated brokers to ensure proper management of your trading account.

The Process of Trading On Crypto Genius

To trade using Crypto Genius, you need to have an account first. Not just Crypto Genius, you need an account on any trading platform that you choose.

Signing Up

To sign up, you need to enter your basic personal information, such as First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Country, and Phone Number. After signing up, an account manager will contact you and assist you through the remainder of the process.

Making a Deposit

You need to make a minimum deposit of ?250 to start trading. Other trading platforms charge users even a registration fee to start, which Crypto Genius does not. The deposit works as the initial capital. It means the deposit is used for trading.

Demo Trading Account

Crypto Genius provides a demo trading option, which you may use to familiarise yourself with the process before trading live. It will allow you to trade based on historical trading data. After gaining confidence, you will be ready to trade on the live platform.

Live Trading Features

After the deposit and practicing using the demo account, you can use all the live trading features on Crypto Genius. An account manager will assist you in setting up your account, along with your stop-loss limits.

  • Bitcoin Era Trading Software

Bitcoin Era App has been created with the most advanced programming in the crypto trading world. The software is ahead its competitors by 0.01 seconds. This unique feature makes the software one of the most reliable and consistent trading apps in the market. You can check detailed Bitcoin Era review on a top review site.

Easy to Get Started

It is easy to start trading on Bitcoin Era with a fast sign-up and verification process, after which you can start trading within 3o minutes. You will find that that navigating through the website feels smooth, which is a crucial factor in crypto trading. Also, the interface is simple, and you will get 24/7 customer support to receive answers to any questions.

Users Get Excellent Results

Bitcoin Era has a steady 88 percent success rate. Considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, this is an excellent success rate in an unstable market.

It Assesses the Market Fluctuations

Cryptocurrency exchanges move fast and deviate between extreme lows and highs in a matter of minutes. Even in this highly volatile crypto market, Bitcoin Era evaluates the fluctuations and makes accurate predictions.

Advanced Algorithms

Bitcoin Era has advanced algorithms on this website, which applies artificial intelligence to spot the changes in the crypto market and signal in a split second. Most investors do not have the time and patience to analyse such huge amounts of data to understand the market shift. The algorithm can do that analysis in a few seconds.

You can sign up for any of these websites to fulfil your crypto trading dream and earn large and consistent profits.

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