How US Polo Association Started Selling In the UK

How US Polo Association Started Selling In the UK

The polo game is a joint sport that displays the vital link between the participant and their horse partner. Each polo sport provides moments full of great excitement as it demonstrates electrifying horsepower, racing, and ability to control

The US Polo Association (USPA) is the approved governing entity of polo that provides various resources to its members and clubs in multiple countries, such as the US and Canada.  The other mandate of the body is to oversee the activities of enrolled sportspersons and approved member clubs. Additionally, USPA organizes polo tournaments, games, and the safety of players.

The sport of polo keeps motivating various individuals through influential players and the kind of apparel they put on. What you should note, however, is that USPA is a nonprofit organization. For a smooth running of the games, the organization must get funds from specific entities. And this is how the US Polo Assn comes in. The US Polo Assn. is an organ of the USPA committed to creating and selling clothing that captures the spirit of polo.

Part of the US Polo Assn mandate is to promote lifestyles of the game by developing current wardrobe essentials that capture the freedom and rich history of the sport.  The polo apparels and accessories reach the market through online stores, brick-and-mortar shops, etc.

The US Polo Assn provides authentic clothing and accessories that showcase the rich history of the sport and celebrates an inclusive atmosphere. So, each individual has an opportunity to wear clothing and accessories that celebrate the game. The US Polo Assn brand represents an experience. So, when you buy and wear their clothing, you also capture and celebrate the brand by possessing a part of it.

US Polo Assn forwards its proceeds to USPA to assist the latter in expanding the game across the world, helping many individuals relish the game’s excitement.

The UK Debut

Clients in the UK and Ireland are sensitive to fashions. Their shifting fashion behaviors fit well into the objective of US polo Assn of responding to changing client’s needs. The good news is that lately the brand has entered the UK market. Teaming up with Brand Machine Group (BMG), US Polo Assn has the opportunity of delivering great clothing products to the UK market.

Against the backdrop of energetic sports history and the spirit of determination to succeed in games, the sports selling brand, Polo Assn, entered the UK and Ireland market in 2019. The brand approached the market with spring/summer menswear.  This development came at a moment when the Company’s demand for polo shirts kept growing. If you’re shopping in the UK, you can find the Company’s collections in significant chains, Arcadias, and the US Polo Association UK website.

The debut in the UK and Ireland territories signifies the brand’s vision to be a worldwide retail name. Already, the brand has over 1100 stores and a wide range of wholesale distributorship. So, this addition confirms that the Company wants its presence to be felt all over the world.

The brand is distinguishable because its apparel comes in various shades symbolizing specific ideas. The high polo of the brand is symbolized white, red, and blue, while the spring capsule communicates a piece of authentic information.

US Polo Assn is aware that the UK consumer behaviors keep changing, and garment makers must respond appropriately to this change. Because of this, the Company’s strategy fits well because it always strives to offer something new and fresh. Here are some of the main strategies that the Company uses:

  • Understanding consumer behavior: the brand’s success is attributable to a deeper understanding of clients’ tastes and preferences towards fashion. With affordable, trendy style, demand for the polo brand is on the uptick.
  • Branding strategy: The authenticity of the brand is a focal point while marketing it. In this regard, the marketers use authentic images of Polo players, tangible things in the store, and the initial name of the championship.
  • Brand Recognition: DNR Magazine has recognized the brand as one of the Top-40 Mega-brands. This recognition further increases the demand for its products. So, as a UK dealer, you’ll reap big from the acknowledgement.
  • Impressions matter: for the brand, first impressions are critical. The brand encourages its retailers to stock their stores well and work with warm salespersons.
  • Distinctive logo: the unique logo of the brand and outstanding styles adds to the brand’s success. With these attributes, the brand intends to open more stores in the UK and Ireland to expand its business.

What the Company offers

The US Polo Assn offers a range of clothing and accessories for different groups. Currently, the UK stores provide menswear and garments for kids. Menswear has a broad category of garments, including:

  • Casual shirts
  • Knitwear
  • Jackets and sweatshirts
  • Swimwear
  • Trousers and jeans
  • Polo shirts
  • Underwear
  • Loungewear
  • T-shirts

Kids Clothing

  • Toddler garments
  • Boys clothing


  • Jeans and joggers
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts

What to expect from the US Polo Association UK website

  • High-quality garments: US Polo Ass delivers versatile styles that exude the spirit of iconic Americana. The designs respond to the ever-shifting fashion needs of various clients.
  • Quick processing of orders: Once you place an order, we process it promptly, and within two days, you should receive it.

Final words

Polo garments offer you an opportunity to experience the game and enjoy its rich racing history. For far too long, the UK fans have been yearning to reconnect with the game through US Polo Assn.  The great news is that an online store has come closer to them. So, they can purchase their clothing from the US Polo Association UK website and own part of the game they cherish. With their high-quality garments and accessories, you’re assured of getting value for your money if you shop at the online store.

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