4 Reasons More Young People Are Becoming Barbers in 2021

4 Reasons More Young People Are Becoming Barbers in 2021

Searching for an exciting career path that provides you with freedom, great financial opportunities, and the chance to meet new people, then you should consider becoming a barber. In 2021, men are spending more money on grooming services, meaning the demand for barbers has never been higher!

Changing professions or beginning a new occupation can seem like an overwhelming prospect, hopefully, this article can help show you some of the benefits and opportunities that come with being a barber.

The Demand for barbers isn’t going anywhere

There has never been a better time to become a barber than in 2021. Regardless of the economic situation, or what’s happening in the world, men’s hair will always continue to grow, meaning they will always require a haircut. It’s predicted that the barbering profession will continue to increase in demand by almost 15% from now to 2026, meaning barbershops will require trained staff with experience producing a wide range of different haircuts and finishes. Due to this demand, barber training academies are now popping up in cities throughout the UK to help meet the market’s demand.

Job security is a huge benefit to have in any career, and the peace of mind that comes with a steady income each year is priceless.

Freedom to Travel While You Work

When you consider the careers that enable you to travel, barbering probably isn’t the first thing people would think of. However, haircuts, shaves, and other men’s grooming services are sought after around the world.

Numerous barber shops overseas hire temporary guest posts to skilled and trained barbers. These jobs can last anywhere from days to months, but how long you decide to keep working in the same location is your decision. Having a barbering license can improve the likelihood of getting a work visa in another country, so it’s necessary to obtain your barbering credentials from an approved, legitimate academy.

If you want to travel and experience new cultures, barbering is an excellent decision. Barbers can get reliable work practically any place in the world, as receiving a haircut is a fundamental need and not an extravagance, so there is always a requirement for skilled barbers worldwide. 

Work in a creative environment

Do you consider yourself to be a creative individual? While the technical capabilities can be picked up by enrolling in a barber training course, a creative outlook will help set you to stand out from the crowd.

Clients will often get into your chair with only a slight idea of how they want their hair to look, so your creativity and the ability to think outside the box will be essential to getting the job done. Occasionally a client walks in and wants something ‘out there’ and unique. Using both creativity and talent is crucial to creating a completely new look for your customer. 

As time has passed, barbering has become more of an expression of art and not simply just “cutting hair.” The standard short back and sides haircut that was common in the 1990’s and 2000’s is becoming slightly less popular as people look to express themselves through their haircuts.

Become Your Own Boss

‘Being your own boss’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Setting your own hours, choosing what services you provide, what you wear and how you interact with clients. While most barbers initially begin working in someone else’s barbershop, it’s normal to see skilled barbers’ step-out and launch their own business. 

In addition to this, becoming your own boss in the barbering industry doesn’t usually present the same obstacles other types of new businesses often face; You don’t need to spend large amounts of money on a physical shop to begin working for yourself. As a traveling or self-employed barber, you’ll discover employment opportunities in fashion exhibitions, photo shoots or even the TV/film industry. Barely any other professions provide as many chances to start your own thriving business by yourself.

Get Your Barbering Qualifications in the UK in 9 Short Weeks

If you’re creative, enjoy working with new people every day, and are searching for a career with endless freedom — then becoming a barber is the correct choice. With enough hands-on training, you’ll become a proficient, confident barber in no time!

If you’re ready to make the shift to a new career as a barber, contact The Barbering School of Wales on 07800 60 3365

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