5 Elements That You’re Forgetting That Will Increase Website Conversions

5 Elements That You’re Forgetting That Will Increase Website Conversions

As a small business owner, you are probably already aware of how important it is to have a remarkable online presence. To put it simply, you need a representative website that will attract plenty of visitors. But that is only one part of the deal.

The other part – the one that is potentially even more important than the mere number of visitors – is your website’s conversion rate. A site’s conversion rate refers to the number of visitors that convert to customers.

There are several elements that you shouldn’t forget when creating a website – or having it made for you. Those elements can be crucial for an increased conversion rate. Read on to learn about them.

Let chatbots work for you

A chatbot is a sophisticated piece of AI-powered software capable of answering customers’ questions and holding a conversation just as well as a competent human could.

What you should do is use a chatbot for helpdesk. Unlike humans, chatbots never get tired or stressed out, and they don’t make mistakes. Besides, they are available all day long, every day, which means that they can provide quality customer support whenever it is needed.

On top of it all, thanks to their learning algorithms, modern chatbots can learn from their previous experiences to become more efficient and more human-like. So, the longer you use a chatbot, the smarter it gets.

Besides all of these qualities, thanks to their ability to handle big data and pick what is important, chatbots can provide a personal touch for every customer. Sometimes, that is all it takes to improve the conversion rate.

Some people prefer to talk to a person or do not want to talk at all. Make sure that there is an option for them to email you, give you a call or schedule a meeting.

Offer fresh content regularly

More often than not, a potential customer won’t choose to buy your product or use your services right away. Instead, they might come back in a couple of hours or even days. Once they return, it is essential to show them some new content, so they know that your site – and business – is alive and going strong.

Other times, people might simply stumble upon your site while searching for a piece of advice or while browsing the Internet.

Having a blog portion of your site updated regularly is a surefire way to keep returning customers engaged and attract new ones. Your best course of action would be to hire blog writing services that will handle that part of your website for you.

Have social proof on display

Back in its early days, many people referred to the Internet as “the global village.” While many things have changed since its infancy, one thing still holds true – people online tend to believe other people that are just like them more than some corporate buzzwords.

That is why your website should have a “social proof” portion visible, ideally on the home page. Testimonials, reviews, case studies, success stories – anything you can show to the potential customers that you are the real deal should be easy to see.

Ideally, your social proof page should include people from different walks of life and different demographics. That way, you can use it to convince many other people who visit your site that your product or service is right for them.

Make your site easy to use

Do not underestimate the importance of easy navigation. The more items there are at the navigation menu at the top of your home page, the easier it will be for your potential customer to get confused or frustrated and leave.

Keep the overall web design simple and make sure that the pages load quickly. Just a few seconds of the wait time is enough to drive people away. Avoid large images, auto-playing videos, and any other element that might make your site slow to load.

Also, this one should go without saying – make sure that your website looks and behaves well on any given device. For example, many people do their shopping and research from their mobile phones, so ensure that your website is as snappy and responsive on a phone as it is on a computer.

Make sure that your content is consistent

These days, having a good website is not enough. You should be present on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to run a successful business.

Make sure that the content you present across all those platforms is consistent. Have a look and style that is unique to you. That way, you will improve your brand recognition.

People are more likely to engage with a brand they recognize. Engagement leads to conversion, so it is crucial to have a steady brand identity across all digital platforms where people could run into your business.

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