5 Important things to look out when viewing a rental property in 2021

5 Important things to look out when viewing a rental property in 2021

Choosing the right rental property is of utmost importance for landlords and tenants. There are so many things that a tenant needs to consider before renting a property, such as the monthly rent, the location of the property, the neighbourhood, the type of property, and so on. According to estate agents in Romford, here are the 5 most important things to look out for when viewing a rental property in 2021.

1 The location and the neighbourhood

The location of the property is the most important thing. In 2021, most people are working from home, so they choose to live in the boroughs and suburbs. But, what happens once professionals start going back to work? Therefore, it is essential to choose a rental property that is centrally located. Not only should it be close to your place of work, but it should also be close to supermarkets, restaurants, grocery stores, public transportation hubs, and the city centre. It is also very important to choose a rental property in a good neighbourhood. After all, no one wants to live in a neighbourhood where they have to worry about their home being broken into! That is why the location of the property and neighbourhood are both important criteria.

2 The white goods

When you are viewing a potential property, you will see every possible appliance, from a refrigerator to a microwave, from a water kettle to a juicer and grinder and even flat-screen televisions. But, what appliances are actually included in the rent? And, are these appliances in good working condition? It is essential to ask the landlord or your estate agent what all appliances are included in the rental agreement? Once you have a list of the included appliances, it is important to check whether or not these white goods are in proper working condition. An old refrigerator or a washing machine that doesn’t work properly will use a lot of energy, which means high utility bills!

3 The age and condition of the property

How old is the property? When was the last time that this property underwent a major renovation? These are some important questions that a potential tenant needs to ask. The age and condition of the property reflect the plumbing, electrical, wiring and so on. So, if a property is really old, the chances are that the HVAC system and the plumbing system are pretty old too. That means leaks, faucets, broken pipes, loss of heat, and many other such issues. In this case, the tenant will suffer because of high utility bills as well as multiple repairs. On the other hand, if the property is relatively newer, one can expect energy-efficient HVAC systems, good plumbing systems, good electricals and so on.

4 The structure and interiors

Through pictures and well-written content, almost every property can look and sound amazing. But, that is not always the case. When you are viewing potential properties, don’t just go by what you see online. Always make sure to visit the property and check it out thoroughly. Is the property as spacious as it looks? Is the kitchen big enough? Is there enough storage space? Check for water damage and any strange smells in the basement that could signify mould or fungus. Check all the taps and showerheads to ensure that the water flow is steady and there are no leaks. Check if the appliances are in working condition. It is also a good idea to check for pests; that way, you can ask your landlord for a pest control treatment before moving it.

5 The outdoor space

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have started working from home. Hence, the demand for properties with outdoor space has gone up significantly in the last few months. Most buyers, homeowners and tenants are now looking for properties with outdoor spaces. Always check if a potential property has some outdoor space? Is there a small garden or a private terrace? What about a rooftop terrace or a balcony? With the ongoing Covid-19 variant, the chances of another lockdown are very high, which is why it is important to choose a property that has some outdoor space where you can relax, enjoy some fresh air and rejuvenate after being cooped up indoors for long hours.Check the property thoroughly and let your landlord know if anything requires fixing or repairing. You need to inspect the property thoroughly before signing the rental agreement at the end of the day. If you are looking for properties to rent in East London, get in touch with estate agents in Romford.

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