3 Significant Reasons to Upgrade Your UPS to Smart-UPS

3 Significant Reasons to Upgrade Your UPS to Smart-UPS

The IT sector of every organization has gone through a drastic transformation in the last few years. Through the process of boosting their productivity and revenue, companies understand the importance of upgrading their hardware and technologies. On the other hand, organizations have to shoulder a severe loss of opportunities and revenue in case of sudden power cuts. Thus, they don’t shy away from investing in a quality UPS system that will provide a good amount of backup power. Today, many organizations are switching to Smart-UPS systems for better performance and efficiency. Now, what is a Smart-UPS, and how is it different from an ordinary UPS system?

The primary functions of both these devices are the same—providing backup power to prevent downtime. However, Smart-UPS offers enhanced power protection to manage heavy IT loads with better effectiveness. The IT department is the backbone of every organization — it contains heavy equipment, devices, and machinery that ensure the smooth functioning of all the divisions and departments. Currently, in order to meet the growing demands of consumers, every organization carries sufficient space for the installation of a high-performance and reliable data center. These data centers carry all the important data and information of a company that is integral for the business. Smart-UPS systems are intelligently designed to handle all the heavy loads sustainably, reliably, and efficiently. Below we have mentioned three significant reasons to upgrade your UPS to Smart-UPS:

  • Cost-efficiency

One of the best features of a Smart-UPS system is that they are built on the basis of a patent-pending design that boosts the efficiency and performance of the device. In addition, they can be switched to ‘green mode.’ In this mode, a Smart-UPS avoids electrical components that are not being used, helping attain optimum operational efficiency without compromising protection. Smart-UPS can help you save an impressive amount on utility costs that can be used to develop other departments of the organization.

  • Convenient and Accessible LCD screening

Another advantage of upgrading your UPS to Smart UPS is that it provides users with a built-in LCD display for ease of use and flexibility. It allows the customers to configure the UPS through the display screen or smartly curated software.  A Smart-UPS gives a clear and transparent window in its working by screening the status of power quality, tests and diagnostics, and the overall information about the system.

  • Be Better Prepared with Battery Life Expectancy Prediction 

In most cases, it isn’t easy to keep track of the life cycle of the UPS device. However, with the Smart-UPS system, you can plan and prepare yourself better as it gives you the exact year and month in which you’ll be required to renew the installation. Additionally, upgrading to Smart-UPS will ensure that your UPS will last longer as it has intelligent features to manage your battery. For example, it uses the exact amount of power required for the battery to function optimally and prevents overcharge and over-heating situations.

Most people have very little knowledge or expertise in the electrical field. Therefore, it takes a team of skilled technicians to ensure that you invest in the right technical device that yields high performance with maximum cost-efficiency. Before purchasing a Smart-UPS, it is a good idea to research and get in touch with the right electrical provider who takes care of the installation process and takes responsibility for all future maintenance tasks. Also, getting on board with a leading service provider guarantees a safety net against all problematic situations that require expert supervision and knowledge.

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