Cassette Roller Blinds – A Sense of modernity

Cassette Roller Blinds – A Sense of modernity

If in the house or apartment it is necessary to do grandiose repairs or simply to diversify the interior, then cassette blinds are exactly what is needed. Right now, curtains of this type are in great demand, which is understandable: they have many advantages, including comfort, practicality and, of course, ease of care. Direct Fabrics, as providers of these kinds of cassette blinds will explain to you how the different kinds function and the advantages of using them.

Cassette Roller Blinds on windows

So, let’s look at the window cassette system blinds. These types of blinds are quite practical, easy to install and do not require special care to maintain cleanliness in the house. Usually, such curtains are installed separately on each window pane, and not on the wall itself and do not need a sub-guard. This fact determines the convenience factor of use and a reduction in the probability of damage to the curtain itself. Consequently, the number of such curtains will be equal to the number of double-glazed windows in your house and their long-term use is beyond question.

There are several ways to arrange such curtains.

  • The first option based on the installation of special parts on the window profile, for this, it is necessary to drill the holes in the same way as for blinds, then fix the cassette blinds with special frames and attach to the window reveal.
  • The second method of fixing – according to customers, the most convenient and practical. Indicator: no need to drill the profile. In the role of the main accessory there is a double-sided adhesive tape, it has a strong and foamed base material, which easily and reliably connects the curtain data system with the window profile. Clamping objects in this case does not take long, and, moreover, it has a peculiar specificity of reliability.

Advantages of the application:

  • Emphasizing plastic windows and putting them in a more favorable light is simply better with the help of an innovation like cassette roller blinds.

Cassette Blind Applications

The use of cassette blinds can be very diverse,

  • For example, it is possible to successfully install these curtains in children’s rooms, at the same time it is more realistic to use fabrics with a full lighting level, since children need high-quality blackout. By using a cassette framed blind you get a near total blackout with very little seepage.
  • In cinemas, bedrooms and rooms of various characters, cassette blinds are also often used. They can be chain operated that provides convenience in operation and you no longer need to climb every time you pass under the roof. For a better viewing of movies or a new presentation of the project only has the absence of light, and these blinds give a flexible simple solution.

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