M Patrick Carroll to Speak at BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast

M Patrick Carroll to Speak at BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast

As the Southeast United States continues to attract prominent companies and their workforce, there is an ongoing need to house this influx of new residents. Sometimes, a single-family home is not the best choice. The job market uncertainties, along with financial issues and other concerns, preclude many potential homeowners from making extended mortgage commitments. Real estate expert M Patrick Carroll, who recently expanded his investment portfolio, understands these changes and evolving challenges.

According to Carroll, multifamily housing communities provide flexible, affordable living options. These amenity-rich metro area complexes offer a blend of design, aesthetics, and functionality. Offered at varied price points, multifamily communities present a good option for workers in many industries.

BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast

To stay abreast of multifamily housing sector trends, the BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast will bring together leaders from all industry segments. Set for Thursday, November 18 at the Hilton Atlanta, the event will offer market insights from respected commercial real estate investors, developers, and other experts.

Property owners, developers, brokers, and recognized experts will discuss specific aspects of multifamily housing operations. Topics will include market evaluation, building design trends, and construction safety updates.

Industry experts will spotlight affordable multifamily housing solutions within the Southeast United States market. Discussions of condo sales and build-to-rent trends are also planned.

Targeted panel discussions will present different perspectives on the multifamily housing market. Attendees will have opportunities to build their professional networks and execute business growth strategies.

Bisnow’s Commercial Real Estate Industry Role

The BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast showcases Bisnow’s leadership in the commercial real estate business services industry. This dynamic organization is active in 50 metropolitan markets throughout North America, the UK, and Ireland.

Each year, Bisnow sponsors multiple themed regional market events. At each conference, real estate industry leaders share insights on market trends and spotlight emerging opportunities.

M Patrick Carroll Shares Southeast Market Expertise

Atlanta-based CARROLL’s M Patrick Carroll, an accomplished commercial real estate investor and developer, will present insights on the Southeast market outlook. Carroll, who has demonstrated success in this regional sector, has previously shared his expertise at other Bisnow events.

In July 2021, M Patrick Carroll spoke at the BisNow South Florida Deal Flow and Investment Strategies Summit. Held in Miami, the one-day event brought together commercial real estate industry executives and related businesses. Carroll’s engaging presentation focused on Florida’s continued multifamily housing market growth.

Factors That Drive Multifamily Housing Growth

M Patrick Carroll’s extensive multifamily housing sector experience has fine-tuned his real estate market analysis skills. He recently recognized that a wide-ranging urban-to-suburban migration is underway.

This large-scale market shift indirectly resulted from 2008’s Great Recession. Following that economic upheaval, many residents gravitated to urban centers offering attractive amenities. Nearby employment, retail, and dining options further enhanced the residents’ quality of life.

In 2021, reverse migration has begun. Consumers are heading back to the suburbs, searching for more affordable housing while prioritizing easily accessible outdoor spaces. However, they do not want to lose their city homes’ conveniences and amenities.

High Priority on Remote Work Infrastructure

Many incoming residents, accustomed to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, want a home with upgraded Wi-Fi capabilities. A growing number of employers, along with field-based service personnel, also value this low-overhead business services option.

Taken together, these factors point to increasing demand for homes with roomy floor plans that can accommodate a home office. Residents want to move their computers off the kitchen or dining table and into a dedicated workspace.

The desire for a No-maintenance Lifestyle

With ever-increasing workplace demands and family commitments, residents often find themselves with less time to relax. They want to spend their precious downtime with their families and engage with the outdoors rather than on maintenance tasks.

Multifamily Communities Offer an Attractive Solution

These important quality-of-life criteria drive higher demand for multifamily community choices. Multifamily housing developers, often backed by investors, design communities that appeal to today’s discerning consumers. Proactive investors dedicate the financial resources to complete needed upgrades.

Other Southeast Market Outlook Speakers

Two additional Southeast commercial real estate experts will offer insights on this expanding regional marketplace. During this informative exchange, panelists will discuss major metropolitan markets such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville.

Jeff Robertson

Vice President for Asset Management: FCP

Jeff Robertson oversees FCP’s investment-related financial due diligence services. He also ensures the development of operational strategies and the execution of business plans. Robertson also has demonstrated expertise in commercial real estate asset valuations.

Morris Kaplan

President: Kaplan Residential

Morris Kaplan combined his civil engineering education with 25 years of ground-up construction experience. Next, he leveraged those skills into a multifaceted real estate development business. Kaplan gravitates to projects that involve new technologies or especially challenging logistics.

Brad Case, PhD, CFA, CAIA

Chief Economist and Director of Research: Middleburg Communities

Brad Case provides expert support for C-level market tactical decisions. For over 30 years, he has conducted in-depth research on residential and commercial real estate markets. His high-level research typically focuses on several core investment return criteria.

Margaret “Marjy” Stagmeier

Founder: TriStar

Besides founding the TriStar real estate investment firm, Margaret Stagmeier also serves as President of TI Asset Management. She previously acquired wide-ranging real estate experience at international real estate companies. Through TriStar, Ms. Stagmeier designed a sustainable affordable housing template that leads to the stabilization of underperforming elementary schools.

Joel Dixon

Co-principal: Urban Oasis Development

In addition to his Urban Oasis Development role, Joel Dixon also serves as President of Catalyst Investment Partners, a related business. This Atlanta native has beneficial relationships with the city’s business and community leaders. He also brings more than 15 years of real estate and high-technology business development and sales experience to the table.

Meeting New Resident Needs: Redefining the Home

Technology entrepreneurs and multifamily development experts will share insights from property owners and developers. Attendees will learn about what’s next for multifamily communities.

Aaron Emigh

Co-founder and CEO: Brilliant

This recognized Silicon Valley technology leader and investor stands out in his industry. Currently, Aaron Emigh leads Brilliant, a prominent smart home and smart apartment firm. He is also an accomplished inventor who is the holder of more than 100 issued patents.

Felicite Moorman

Co-founder: Stratis

This former attorney is known for her achievements as a technology entrepreneur. Specifically, Felicite Moorman is recognized as an Internet of Things (or IoT) expert. Her ability to develop key strategic partnerships and initiatives has positioned her as an IoT industry thought leader.

Teresa DeVos

Executive Vice President of Operations: RKW Residential

Teresa DeVos is an experienced real estate professional who provides strategic oversight of RKW’s Georgia market expansion. She specializes in multifamily property operations along with portfolio investment management. She also focuses on helping each client to maximize their asset profitability.

Harvey Wadsworth

Managing Director: Portman Residential

Harvey Wadsworth has spent his real estate development career in the thriving Atlanta metropolitan market. He has demonstrated expertise with strategic multi-family, mixed-use, and urban high-rise development projects. This diverse portfolio provides the necessary perspective to oversee the firm’s strategic planning and execution efforts.

Kyle Burrows

Manager of the East Region, Multifamily Development and Sales: Quantum Fiber

Kyle Burrows’ vision for seamlessly connected communities enables him to effectively manage Quantum Fiber’s numerous operational and service teams. Currently, he leads an account management team focused on providing whole-property, fiber-based WiFi solutions. His team serves multifamily communities throughout the Central and East regions.

New Development and Design Trends

The current multifamily housing market shift has spurred numerous property design changes. Market experts will engage in an in-depth discussion on emerging design concepts for multifamily living environments.

Brian Oates

Executive Managing Director, Development: RangeWater

Brian Oates is a seasoned real estate project developer who currently manages the firm’s new development programs. He oversees each project from the pre-construction through lease-up phases. He brings more than eight years of Southeast residential community development experience to his current role.

Jeryl Mitsch

CEO, Founder: Mitsch Design

Jeryl Mitsch’s notable interior design firm partners with leading architects and developers in more than 35 states. The company’s 10,000-square-foot furniture showroom, and top-tier targeted services, have led the firm to become a value-added “partner” known for its turnkey services. To enable clients to immerse themselves in the design process, Mitsch Design premiered the PreVUÓ VR custom virtual reality system.

Scott Jerald

Vice President – East Coast Division: Yates Construction

This decorated combat veteran has applied his exceptional leadership and organizational skills in the private sector. Scott Jerald regularly serves as a motivational and leadership speaker for diverse groups, and he inspires everyone with his dedication to excellence. He has successfully led teams of all types and sizes, spurring them to earn industry and peer recognition.

Bill Loomis

Principal: Smallwood

As a Smallwood principal, Bill Loomis executes architectural design and project management services for diverse development programs. His 18 years of industry experience includes a focus on multifamily, industrial, and commercial office developments. The firm also offers interior design, experiential graphics, and landscape architecture services.

Finance and Investment Trends

Multifamily property investments involve carefully structured financing that meets investors’ needs. A well-executed exit strategy is also key to good investment returns. Five finance and investment experts provide insights on property transactions’ financial aspects.

Jake Reid

Senior Director, Investment Sales: Franklin Street

Jake Reid assists institutional and private clients with the acquisition and disposition of Georgia multifamily properties. He carefully crafts exit strategies tailored to each client’s financial needs and objectives. A well-structured marketing plan helps to achieve optimal proceeds for his clients.

Caperton Putt

Managing Director: Trez Capital

Caperton Putt oversees the Trez Capital Atlanta Office’s commercial mortgage origination program. His extensive industry knowledge, and his relationships in Southeast market sectors, enable him to execute financing for diverse asset classes. This seasoned real estate lender has proven expertise in helping investment clients achieve their financial goals.

Jeffrey Graham

Managing Partner: The Graham Group

Jeffrey Graham is an experienced commercial property tax reduction specialist. Based in the Southeast, the Graham Group works with multifamily, hotel, office, retail, and industrial businesses. Using several valuation methods, he has obtained numerous property value reductions for his clients.

Cortney Newmans

Head of National Accounts: Lima One Capital

Cortney Newmans manages Lima One Capital’s institutional-scale accounts, including multifamily properties. He also optimizes the company’s strategic partnerships across its nationwide lending network. He is an experienced real estate investor with an impressive history of executing value-add deals.

Matt Ferrari

Co-CIO: TruAmerica Multifamily

Matt Ferrari serves as the Co-Chief Investment Officer at TruAmerica Multifamily. Based in Arlington, Virginia, he manages the firm’s Eastern United States operations. He also directs strategic acquisitions in major Eastern and Western United States markets. 

The BisNow Annual Multifamily Conference: Southeast will enhance attendees’ knowledge of multifamily operations and investments. This informative event will also serve as the catalyst for emerging business opportunities.

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