5 reasons why St Albans is the best place to live

5 reasons why St Albans is the best place to live

A beautiful city just 20 minutes away from London, St Albans is the most popular choice for people who want the best of both worlds as it is just the right blend of the urban and countryside. It is one of Britain’s oldest cities with a historic charm that adds to the attraction. St. Albans has always found its place in a list of the best places to live in London as it is filled with amenities to live a balanced lifestyle. If you are looking to start a family or looking for a perfect place to pursue your career, the estate agents in St Albans can help you make the right choice! 

Several factors are making St Albans a popular choice for living. If you’re one among those looking for properties for sale in St Albans, we discuss here the top five reasons that make St. Albans an irresistible choice. 

Conveniently located

St. Albans is situated right in the middle of Home Counties with Hertfordshire in the north of Great London. It is beautifully nestled between Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, with Buckinghamshire and Essex on both sides. The icing on top is the green stretch of Chiltern Hills. St. Albans is a scenic location that offers many weekend explorations with several spots for brunch and cafes. There are properties to rent in St Albans if you are a professional seeking to reside in a place well-connected to your workplace. To the west of St.Albans is Hatfield, which has the University of Hertfordshire, which can help you ponder over your interests. 

A safe property market that assures returns 

Though St. Albans is slightly expensive, its brilliant connectivity, education for kids and various other amenities have ensured the property market is stable and happening for years to come. St. Albans is widely chosen by the people who look forward to starting their families, and the friendly neighbourhood makes it the most convenient choice for all. With the right mix of urban facilities and the beauty of the countryside just minutes away, St. Albans continues to be the property hotspot for a good reason. You can pick the perfect property with the help of estate agents like Collinson Hall estate Agents in St Albans, who can guide you through buying the best property within your budget.

The price of detached houses in St Albans or smaller townhouses amounts to over £500,000 and can go up to £800,000. Investing in a property here is beneficial as the prices have been consistently going up since the financial crisis in 2008

If this is in your budget, though, property investment here would be good, with prices consistently rising since the financial crash of 2008. 

Rental prices are less expensive than in London, but not by much. A three-bed house will usually cost around £2,000 per month. The properties yield competitive rental prices as it is well connected to London. This makes it a profitable location to invest in compared to other areas in the UK.

Wide range of entertainment options 

When you are looking for a place to settle down as a family, entertainment options are a prerequisite for adults and children alike. The historically rich St. Albans offers a lot of sightseeing options. It has several scenic locations, including a shrine of Britain’s first saint. St. Albans is also one of the oldest places that followed Christianity for the longest time. It also has a Roman theatre, the state Hatfield House, a few museums that showcase aircraft, Roman culture, etc.

If you wish to bask in nature’s glory, there are Heartwood Forest and the Wheathampstead Heritage trail. A walk along this countryside can offer you the best views, and you can also come across some historical architecture with incredible stories behind them.

Recreation for all

For the city life lovers, there are trendy bars, happening pubs and cafes along with several street festivals and food fests. Another major attraction here is the Odyssey, which is an independent arthouse cinema. For kids, there are play areas in the neighbourhoods and a Warner Bros studio tour of Making of Harry Potter, which is quite close to Watford.

Shopping in St Albans

St Albans has several shopping attractions, including a traditional market that happens twice a week and is famous for its bespoke shopping experience. The city centre is lined with high street fashion stores and boutiques that will give you an incredible shopping experience so close to your home.

Plenty of schools

St. Albans is home to highly regarded schools, including the St Albans Girls School, Loreto College (girls) and Beaumont School (girls and boys). There are many options for secondary schools like the Roundwood Park School in Harpenden, which ranked as one of the best schools in the UK. Excellent education in the neighbourhood is one of the essential factors families consider while moving homes, and St. Albans offers the finest!

Well connected transport networks

St. Albans has two train stations which make transportation very easy through several quick routes to the heart of London. Monthly passes can be very economical if you are a daily commuter going to work. It takes only 40-45 minutes to reach different places like Capital, London Bridge and Euston. St. Albans is also well-connected by road through M1 and M25. This makes Heathrow a 30 minutes drive from St. Albans. 

These amenities make St. Albans an excellent place for living. St. Albans is not limited to this. Some of the other major attractions like the 100 acre Verulamium Park and the thriving community spirit of the city make it a sought after area to live.

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