Summer Skin Warriors: What to Consider to Maintain a Glowing Body?

Summer Skin Warriors: What to Consider to Maintain a Glowing Body?

Summer takes a toll on the skin; the scorching heat, humidity, and pollution wipes off the natural glow and sometimes invites skin infections as well. The prevalence of skin problems is mainly caused due to sociodemographic factors; more than 22% of infants & toddlers suffered from itching, while 17 % from nappy rashes and 5% from eczema and other than problems such as eczema, nappy rashes; itching, etc.

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To avoid skin issues and keep skin radiant like ever before, there are few practical tips that you can follow in summer. Summers are fierce, especially when the temperature soars, the humidity, and heat can make the active oil glands hyperactive. You can eventually end up with sebum such as itchy rashes, sunburn, T-zone, premature aging signs, etc. It’s why you need to follow an effective skincare routine as the first line of defense. Explore the article to know how you can take care of your skin in summer.

Practical Tips to Follow in Summer: Check to Have Gorgeous Looking Skin

Summers are getting hotter, which means most beauty-conscious person’s nightmares. But before losing the purse strings for expensive products, it’s time to raid the kitchen and follow effective and easy to opt tips. You need to understand that your skin is first to bear the summer brunt.

The sweltering summer heat can be relentless on your skin. You might even face many skin issues during summer; hence you need to take care of your skin during this season. You also have to update your skincare routine and products during the hot season. Below are a few practical tips you can follow to make a summer skincare routine as a summer skin warrior.

Change Your Face Wash

Cleaning your face is the initial skincare routine that you need to consider, irrespective of any season. During summer, the climate is humid and hot; hence your face produces more oil, making sure to change your cleanser during this season. Oily skin requires maximum beating of your pores and can cause acne. Hence prefer to use a cleanser that consists of salicylic acid for summers.

If you have dry skin, then it’s a command that you experience rashes and redness. Use a non-soapy fash wash to clean the face at least once a day. The same hack must be considered by those who have combination skin. But those who have normal skin can switch to gel-based face wash. Wash your face twice a day to feel refreshed.

Don’t Forget Sunscreens

It’s an absolute thing which you can’t forget during summer. You need to protect different parts of your body like your legs, face, hands, or any other; excessive UV exposure can damage your skin and cause wrinkles, skin cancer, sunburn, premature aging, etc. You can prefer to invest in sunscreen or sunblock that has a broad UV spectrum. Apply the cream twice a day on exposed parts to get back to normal.

Minimal Make-up

Under the intolerant sun, minimal make-up is the best option. If you intend to use foundation, choose to apply face powder along with SPF, helping you avoid patchy skin. To protect lips, you can use lip balm or gloss to make them freshers. Eye make-up is something which you need to avoid during summer.

Hydrate Your Skin with Lotion

Make sure that you don’t forget summer lotion during the hot season. It is time to pack your winter body butter and switch it with light summer lotion. You do not have time to wait to apply lotions; look for something that absorbs fast during the season. 

Purees and gels are perfect as it gets absorbed quickly. Nothing smells good as light, refreshing fruit lotions during summer. Make sure to apply cream after taking a shower to keep your skin healthy and happier.

Use Rose Water

Rosewater is a great friend of skin during summers. You can choose to dab it on the face using cotton to clean and cool your face. Additionally, you can even spray rose water to have an instant fresh look.

Rosewater possesses anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the irritation and redness of the skin. It also helps you eliminate eczema and acne; it’s a great cleanser helping you remove dirt and oil from the skin.

Don’t Forget Your Legs

Remember that your skin doesn’t end at your neck; most tend to forget their feet. Undoubtedly you have replaced your winter boots with sandals; hence it becomes essential for you to take care of your feet. Make sure to remove unwanted hair using a laser hair removal device to make your legs look beautiful. Unwanted hair on your legs can make it look dull, as you prefer to keep it open during summer; hence you should remove unwanted hair using modern ways. Also, don’t take a pedicure; use a scrub to remove dead skin cells. Moisturize your feet and apply sunscreen lotion as well.

Use Neem Cure

Neem leaves are a great ingredient to have glowing skin in summer. Simmer a neem leaves on low fire in a cup of water for an hour. Leave it the whole night. The following day, strain the water to make a paste from the leaves. The water can be used to rinse your face. Neem poses organic sulfur compounds and versatile healing actions that are beneficial for the skin.

Tone Your Skin

Toners are a must during summer; an effective toner helps you keep your skin oil-free and clean. It reduces the appearance of pores; make sure to pay attention to T-zone while applying toner as it’s an essential part of your skin and secretes maximum oil during the hot season.

Update Your Moisturizer

If you think your skin doesn’t need moisturizer this summer, then you’re wrong. The difference is a heavy moisturizer that you use during winter will not work in summer. It would help if you used a light moisturizer during the warm weather. Pick a non-greasy moisturizer that helps in the essential moisture of your skin.

Don’t Forget Eye Area

The eye area is delicate than the rest of the face skin; hence it needs special care. Whenever you step out in the sun, don’t forget to wear sunglasses. It will prevent the formation of wrinkles around the eye area.

Also, don’t forget to apply eye cream moisturizer during the day and night. I prefer to use products that possess hydrating ingredients like honey, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, etc. Massage the eye area around your eyes to relax the muscles.

Cool Off with a Face Mist

An excellent face mist might amaze you during a humid and hot summer day. It helps in soothing inflammation and sunburns, making your skin fresh and dewy. You can purchase face mist or can make it at home as per your skin type.

Take Cold Showers

Avoid hot steam baths and showers during summer as they dehydrate the skin. Instead, you can consider taking cold showers to keep your skin pores unclogged. It helps to prevent acne breakouts and provides you with refreshing skin.

It Doesn’t End Here!

With the scorching summer arrival, your skin starts screaming for protection. From exhibiting annoying rashes to stubbornness to sunburns, you need to take care of everything. You need to know the skincare tips to stay away from unwanted skin problems.

As the weather gets humid and warmer, your skin sebaceous starts producing excess natural oil. It then gets stuck on the skin surface leading to blocked pores, leading to stickiness, and greasy skin. So it becomes vital for you to plan a skincare game that helps you stay away from unwanted skin problems. Listed above are very few tips that you can consider to keep your skin refreshing and young during summer, but it doesn’t end here. There are many more which you can consider.

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