What is Forex trading – a guide for beginners

What is Forex trading – a guide for beginners

As technology has evolved over the years, it is no wonder why many online businesses have emerged in the virtual world that have begun to bring people serious profits.

One of those deals on the internet is Forex trading. To really understand what exactly it is about, it is essential to start from the very beginning.

Namely, the term “Forex” is an acronym for foreign exchange market for currency pair trading. It’s, undoubtedly, the most powerful financial online trading platform in the world, where trillions of transactions are happening every day.

Currencies are exclusively traded in pairs such as EUR/USD or USD/GBP and are done via a reputable Forex broker, allowing traders access to the trading platform. Traders can calculate Forex, margin, and CFD leverage via the Forex calculator in the most precise way.

So, now that you’ve learned what the term “Forex” represents let’s see what the phrase “Forex trading” actually means, shall we?

Forex trading, market and broker – definition and explanation

In the shortest possible form, the term Forex trading represents exchanging one currency to another for trading purposes. It’s no secret that currency trading can be very tricky and complicated since, in some countries, Forex trading is unregulated ultimately.

The reason for that is because of the Forex market. However, being the most lucrative online financial market on the planet, there are substantial trade flows within the system, and it’s complicated for crook traders to influence the price of a currency. It’s also important to remember that the market pricing mechanism is based on the principle of supply and demand.

The primary purpose of a Forex broker is to provide traders with access to trading platforms for exchanging currencies. Most small retail traders usually pick small or relatively unregulated Forex brokers who can re-quote prices and sometimes trade against their clients.

We can expect some industry and government regulation, depending on where the dealer is. However, those safeguards are known to be inconsistent around the world in general.

Basic steps in starting forex trading

If you are serious about starting your Forex trading career, you must understand all the basic steps. Let’s get started with step number one:

  1. Get informed about Forex – learn all fundamentals of Forex and read as much as you can to gather crucial information that will help you understand this business the best.
  1. Create a brokerage account – to get started with trading, and you will need to open your brokerage account. As a beginner, it’s best to open a micro-brokerage account with low capital requirements or a demo account.
  1. Decide what will be your trading strategy – Although it may not be possible to predict market movements, some strategies may help you determine broad guidelines and a roadmap for trading. The best Forex strategy for you is the one that is based on your current financial situation.
  1. Check your positions daily – If you want to be at the top of your numbers, it’s essential to check your positions at the end of each day and make sure you don’t have any pending positions that need to be filled out.
  1. Don’t be too emotional – Beginner traders could, time after time, experience an emotional rollercoaster during some unpredicted situations. It’s crucial not to let those emotions take over you and influence your decisions. Be cool-headed and know that this is just one episode that will pass and affect you to become a better trader.

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