Becoming a positive influence in every environment

Becoming a positive influence in every environment

A fundamental aspect of social interaction that is as important as it is inevitable is the fact that each individual impacts those around them in some way, shape, or form. No matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you do, there will be some form of impression or effect left on those in your environment – it’s an unavoidable element of human interaction. However, whilst we may not be able to control whether or not we impact others, we can significantly help define how it is we impact them and what effects we can cause. Thus, a vital desire for many people is to learn how to become a more positive influence in their working and home environments.

This crucial behaviour can not only improve one’s social interactions but also lead to others around them becoming more inclined to positive influencing as well. This guide will detail the importance of being a positive influence, and present a few key suggestions that can help you achieve this positively influencing behaviour.

Why being a positive influence is a crucial habit

Many of us desire to be a positive influence on those around us for a vast range of reasons. For instance, having a more positive nature to your character will create a sort of magnetic field of positivity. Those around you will be more inclined to interact with you due to your positive aura, and you are much more likely to attract those who share a similar positive character, thus refining a more positive and inviting social environment.

Also, every person longs to be someone who others look up to for inspiration, and emitting a positive influence on those around you can be one of the quickest ways to achieve this. Whether you are around family, friends, or colleagues, your positive outlook will cause others to admire your character and long to share a similar nature. Your presence will leave an impressionable imprint on their memory, and you are much more likely to be someone they will look to for help, advice, or simple companionship.

No matter the reason, it is undeniable that the benefits of being a positive influence immensely outweigh any of the drawbacks, and thus, it should be a fundamental aim for each person to aspire to have a more positive impact on those around them.

How to be a positive influence

There are various different habits and behaviours you can adopt in order to become a more positive influence in every environment. These include, but are not limited to:

Treating people with respect

The first, and potentially the most imperative, way of becoming a positive influence is to make respect a fundamental aspect of your character. Whether you are at home or in the workplace, those around you will each require and respond well to being treated with respect. This can range from simple manners and politeness to lending a helping hand where needed. By adopting this way of interacting, you are bound to reflect the essential attributes of a positive person, and as you lead by example, those around you will be influenced to return the same respect they are given.


When becoming a more positive influence, it is important that you aim to fully commit to these attributes and not put them on artificially. Ensure that you are genuine in the way you treat others, and you practice what you preach. As others recognise your genuine desire to be a positive person, and they see that your actions are manifestations of your words/beliefs, they will not only respect your genuineness, but aim to apply it to their own lives.

Attentive and considerate communication

Communication is key in being a more positive influence, as it is the core method of interacting and impacting others. Each interaction will help cement your character and your influence on others, so ensure you are attentive and focused on listening to others as much as you talk. This selfless approach will let others know you value their opinions and enjoy communicating with them and, in turn, they will show the same courtesy to others they meet themselves.


Confidence is a staple attribute when looking to become a more positive influence on others. Whatever actions or words you carry out, a confident and bold approach will only illuminate your character further, make others more aware of your presence and the positive atmosphere you are giving off. Also, confidence is a key identifier of someone who believes in themselves, and your assurance in your own ability will help inspire others to adopt the same self-confidence and, thus, the influence takes effect.

Innovative and original thinking

Each of us has goals and dreams that we want to strive for and achieve, so being an original and innovative thinker will undoubtedly have a positive influence on those you meet. We each feed off the environments we find ourselves in, so being an original thinker will draw like-minded individuals to fuel themselves with your inspirational approach to your goals, and this will give them the motivation to think and act with a more imaginative purpose to achieve their goals.

Needless to say, positive influence can be asserted and found in every sector and environment around the world. Your unique character can be a positive influence for others who share your desires, skills, or interests. For more inspiration into this idea, visit this article on The top 10 most influential people in travel today.

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