The best corporate clothing for 2022

The best corporate clothing for 2022

As 2022 gets ever closer, many companies are looking for ways to refresh, re-energise and remotivate their staff. Corporate clothing can be a great way to establish your company’s identity, give staff a sense of belonging and there are also a huge number of practical benefits to having a set work uniform. However, as the world of work changes post-pandemic, corporate clothing will also have to evolve and change. We take a look at the best corporate clothing for 2022 and whether it will be any different from the years before.

Why does corporate clothing matter?

Branded corporate clothing can be fundamental to the way your business is perceived by customers and by the team itself. From police officers to chefs to customer service assistants, a work uniform is essential for many professions. In fact, some research has shown that using a dress code or company uniform can increase productivity by encouraging individuals to develop a professional mindset. Corporate clothing can have a number of practical benefits too including

– Protecting workers in dangerous environments
– Easily approachable for the public
– Brand visibility
– Preventing cross-contamination
– Easy identification
– Good first impression

Keeping workers safe in 2022

In certain workplaces, like a professional kitchen, factory, hospital or construction site, corporate clothing is designed to protect workers from any hazards and may have extra safety features like being flame-retardant or easy to clean. It’s essential that businesses invest in proper corporate clothing in 2022 to make sure they meet all relevant health and safety regulations. Uniforms can also be a useful tool when it comes to security, if a business has lots of employees working different shifts, having a work uniform allows security staff to easily identify employees and allow access.

Promoting your business with corporate clothing

Branded corporate clothing can also be a great tool for promoting your business, whether it’s an employee travelling to work on public transport in a company fleece or a delivery driver’s branded cap when dropping off parcels. You can use corporate clothing to create a brand image that lines up with your values, whether it’s sleek and professional or laidback and approachable. Make the most of new opportunities in 2022 and include your business social media, hashtags or tagline on company uniforms to encourage interaction and brand recognition.

New workwear considerations for 2022

Businesses also have a duty to protect their staff and keep them safe in the workplace and corporate clothing can be used to further this aim. In 2022, face masks could remain mandatory in a wide number of workplaces, especially in customer-facing roles. Coming into contact with the public is now more of a risk, so companies should have branded face masks available for staff whenever they need them. Branded company face masks also add a sense of professionalism and uniformity which can be key to a successful transition into a new business reality.

Creating a uniform policy that works

Many businesses have had to rethink how their staff interact with the public and with each other, whether working from home or behind perspex screens so it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about your uniform policy for 2022 and how it can further your goals for the year.

Shop corporate clothing

Think about the potential risks or hazards your staff could come into contact with and what will make them feel safe and motivated for the year ahead. As 2022 begins, make sure your company’s corporate clothing aligns with your business identity and values and makes your employees feel proud.

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