Tips and tricks to increase website page views

Tips and tricks to increase website page views

For an estate agent or any business owner, the one thing they want in common is more footfall and more visitors to their website for potential lead generation. If you are an estate agent looking for more enquiries, one of the most fruitful ways to follow is digital marketing for estate agents by hiring a professional. You may also improve website traffic in a variety of ways. Continue reading to learn a few crucial traffic-generating techniques and SEO tactics.


We’ll start with this one because it’s the clearest way to improve the number of visitors to your website. Paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising are effective strategies to generate visitors, grow your brand, and get your website in front of potential customers. Adjust your paid methods to meet your objectives – do you simply want more visitors, or do you want to boost conversions as well? Each paid channel has advantages and disadvantages, so think about your goals before reaching for your payment card.

If you want to increase visitors to your site while also increasing sales, you’ll need to use strong commercial intent keywords in your sponsored search campaigns.

Be active on social media

It’s not enough to provide excellent content and hope that people will discover it; you must also take proactive measures. Using social media networks to promote your content is one of the most effective strategies to drive traffic to your website. Twitter is great for quick, snappy (and tempting) links, but Google+ promotion can help your site appear in tailored search results and seems to work best in B2B areas. If you’re a B2C goods company, image-heavy social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram could help you gain popularity.

Try a combination of strategies

Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic formula for content marketing success. As a result, change the length and presentation of your material to appeal to as many various types of readers as feasible. For optimum impact, mix shorter, news-based blog entries with long-form material, video, infographics, and data-driven pieces. One of the most crucial aspects of your material is the headline. Even the most thorough blog post will go unread if it doesn’t have an appealing headline. Learn how to write catchy headlines. Another crucial element followed by content is your website design. Choose an appropriate letting agency web design that caters to the requirements of your customers. 

On-Page SEO is important

Do you believe SEO is no longer relevant? Reconsider your position. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is still a vital and worthwhile strategy. Are you utilising picture alt text to its full potential? Are you linking to new content from within your site? What about meta descriptions, for example? On-page SEO optimisation doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it can help you increase organic traffic.

Microdata Schema Implementation

Schema (or another microdata format) will make it easier for search engine bots to identify and index your pages, but it will not drive traffic to your website on its own. Another advantage of a schema for SEO is that it can lead to better rich site snippets, which can lead to higher click-through rates.

Add links Internally

The number of sites that link back to you isn’t the only factor that influences the strength of your link profile; your internal linking structure can also have an impact. Keep an eye out for internal linking opportunities when generating and posting material. This not only aids SEO, but also provides a better, more beneficial user experience, which is the cornerstone of growing website traffic.

Do not overlook email marketing

Many organisations are so focused on using content marketing to gain new clients that they overlook more traditional tactics. Even a marginally successful email blast can result in a large increase in traffic. Just be careful not to send out a barrage of emails on every new development in your company. Also, don’t underestimate the value of word-of-mouth marketing, particularly from individuals who are already satisfied with your products or services. You may also increase traffic by sending a pleasant email reminder about a new service or product.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

The days of only using desktop computers to browse the internet are long gone. More people than ever before use mobile devices to access the internet, and forcing your visitors to pinch and scroll their way across your site is effectively asking them to go somewhere else. Even if you only have a basic website, it must be accessible and comfortable to see on various devices, including tiny smartphones.

Make sure your website loads quickly.

Have you ever had to wait thirty seconds for a website to load? Your bounce rate will be extremely high if your site takes an eternity to load. Make sure that your pages are technically optimised, including picture file sizes, page layout, and third-party plugin functionality. It’s better if your website loads quickly. With these and more, continue to learn, evaluate and implement various tricks to improve the number of visitors to your website consistently. 

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