CashFX, Expert Advisors Software Pros, Get a New Panama Office

From the outside looking in, the Foreign Exchange Market, or forex, can seem rather daunting. Just jumping into the trading world without the knowledge to back it up can end in disaster.

CashFX aims to change all that by taking the mystery out of the trading world with their online and in-person classes. As a leading Forex trading group, they will offer beginner to advanced lessons designed to help their customers learn how to be successful in the market.

Although they cannot eliminate all risk, their lessons can teach you how to best assess the forex market conditions. With that knowledge, you can take advantage of the opportunities available in the global decentralized financial market and work toward achieving ones goals.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrates the New Corporate Offices

CashFX operations center around their mission to make forex trading more accessible and approachable to everyone. Global interest in their training courses has grown over the years, resulting in the need for much more space to accommodate their growth.

So, in the next big move for the brand, they’ve opted to open a new CFX corporate office in the heart of Panama. Their ribbon cutting ceremony occurred in September 2021 in the presence of CFX leaders and local dignitaries.

During that event, all the guests got the chance to explore the 10,000 square foot workspace. Throughout their explorations, they learned about how the workspace will get used in managing the platform and running the training courses.

To best support the company’s key objectives, the building comes fully wired for the technological needs of the trading team and all their devices. Beyond that, it has seating for 100 in-person training for their course and live seminars starting in 2022.

A High-Tech Space Big Enough to Support Tremendous Growth

To take full advantage of the new Panama workspace, the CashFX division leaders will put their full focus on pushing the company to the next level. They aim to improve the overall functionality of the trading platform to help it keep up with the times. Plus, they’ll add to the academy’s subject material to keep customers up-to-date with all the latest trading techniques.

Throughout each phase of development for the brand, the new CFX building will allow for company growth. The corporate division leaders all have more than enough room to manage their daily responsibilities.  

Online Courses Complement the In-Person CFX Academy Classes

Although their in-person academy courses are taking off faster than ever before, their training model still centers around their original online learning focus. Virtual classrooms are their best chance at reaching the eight million people located all over the globe, after all. So, they take online training seriously to expand their audience and make forex training accessible to all.

Depending on your location, you have access to a variety of academy plans at the Elemental, Advanced, and Supreme levels. If you’d like to go with their signature product, set your sights on the Trading Academy Pack.

With that move, you can control your educational journey and invest as much or as little as you want. In fact, the pack has a value of anywhere from $300 and $100,000 to open up the lessons to all prospective investors. You’re welcome to start at the very beginning or skip to the level where you need more training.

Both Bears and Bulls are Welcome to Participate in the Training Academy

When you sign up for the trading training through CashFX, you’ll need to decide if you’re a bear or a bull. As a bear, you’ll act as a solo participant in the forex market, while bulls are also network builders, enthusiastically sharing CFX with others.


If you choose to sign up as a bear, You will own a CFX Academy Trading Package and benefit from the actions of the company as they use their proprietary software within the forex market.  

Each successful trading daily result is compiled at the end of each trading week and the results are made available for the owner of the account.  


As a bull, you have chosen to share CFX with others to build a network within their bonus structure.  This opens Bulls to a variety of additional bonuses derived from the Academy Trading Pack digital product.  As products are sold, bonuses accumulate.  

Fast Start Bonuses and Uni-Level Bonuses are the focus of Bulls within CFX in addition to also benefiting from company trading activity, just as Bears do. 

It’s easy to keep a close eye on your status by logging into your back-office dashboard. From there, you can browse all your team and individual activities.   

40,000 Payouts So Far Show Their Commitment to Helping People Profit

The ability to learn while you earn lets you hit the ground running right after completing your first lesson on forex trading. You don’t have to wait to start applying your knowledge to real world trading exercises.

Instead, you’ll get to see how the methods work and adjust your forex trading approach as you learn more and more from the Academy. In addition to improving your trading performance, you can also earn from your referrals to the platform.  

CashFX has truly hit on the winning formula with their learn while you earn approach. As a sign of their success, they’re now assisting future traders in more than 90 countries across the globe. Their customers are achieving great success, too, which has allowed them to make more than 40,000 payouts to this date.

As CashFX grows, they want to open more corporate offices across the globe, much like their newest workspace in Panama.   They’re just getting started, too, so it’s clear that great things are on the horizon for the CFX brand and their loyal customers.

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