Hair Transplant in Turkey or UK – Which is the Right Option?

Hair Transplant in Turkey or UK – Which is the Right Option?

Thousands of people from the UK travel to Istanbul, Turkey each year for hair transplantation.When comparing hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey and the UK, many people are unsure of what distinguishes Turkey’s Istanbul hair transplant from the UK, or they think it’s simply a matter of price.

So, what is the reason? Is it solely due to the low cost of hair transplantation in Turkey? No, there’s a lot more: the country has some of the best-known doctors, as well as some of the best technology for hair transplants. Don’t forget that Turkey has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world in recent years.

If you’re still uncertain about whether to get your hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey or the United Kingdom, we will discuss your concerns in this article. We will discuss not only pricing differences, but also variances in surgeon expertise and service quality.

Let’s take a look at why Istanbul, Turkey has become the world’s hair transplant capital.

Get Top Notch Experience with Turkey’s Hair Transplant Clinics

Turkey offers the best experience in hair transplant through advanced techniques. Some of the advanced techniques used in Turkish hair transplants are mentioned below:

  • FUE Hair Transplant:

FUE transplant  is a perfectly safe and minimally invasive procedure. FUE hair transplant in Turkey is known for providing each and every patient with the best results. Most clinics in Turkey use the most up-to-date technology, medical-grade equipment, and industry-approved methods to achieve their desired results and FUE hair transplant is one of them.

In FUE, individual hair follicles ranging from one to four hairs are extracted from the donor site using a micromotor. The donor site is usually the neck or back of the head. These individual follicles are then implanted into the balding area or area with thin hair. FUE hair transplants are different from FUT hair transplants in that they do not require the removal of an entire strip of skin and only leave small unnoticeable dot scars on the donor area. This makes FUE the preferred technique for hair transplants in Turkey.

  • DHI Hair Transplant:

DHI hair transplantation is an innovative hair transplant technique that uses implanter pens to remove follicles from the donor location and then implant those follicles one by one into the specified recipient area. To provide the best possible DHI hair transplant in Turkey most clinics use advanced Choi Pen technology.

Choi Pen is a specialised tool used to implant hair follicles into the scalp after they have been retrieved from the donor area. The implanter resembles a pen and has a hollow needle linked to a tube with a plunger on one end. The needle has a thickness of 0.5 to 1.5mm. The Choi Pen’s precision provides for a more natural result and increases the follicle’s survival percentage once it has been implanted.

With the above mentioned advanced techniques, most clinics in Turkey succeed in providing the best hair transplant experience to their patients.

How much does a Turkish Hair Transplant Cost?

One of the most important questions is how much does a Turkish hair transplant cost? The cost will vary depending on the clinic, the technique, and the services provided.

In Turkey, the average cost of a hair transplant is from £1,300 to £2,200 ($1,700 to $2,800) for 4,000 or more follicles implanted. A hair transplant in the UK, on the other hand, normally costs between £13,000 to £18,000.

Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics are located in the centre of Istanbul. Patients can have a one-of-a-kind hair transplant experience in Turkey. Most hair transplant packages in Turkey start at £ 2,000. Patients receive an all-inclusive treatment with no hidden costs. It includes  consultation, blood tests, surgery, medications, postoperative treatments and follow-up.

Patients can also stay in a 4-star hotel with his or her companion, complete with breakfast, internet, and SPA, as well as a personal driver for travel between the airport, hotel, and clinic. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey not only provide satisfying results, but also best quality customer service.

Is Turkey’s Hair Transplant Popular Only Because of Lower Cost than the UK?

Turkey is appealing not simply because of its low pricing, as we have stated. When selecting the best clinic for hair transplant in Turkey, it is critical to consider the guarantees it provides. Many hair transplant clinics in Turkey have an international reputation and Ministry of Health certifications. These certifications guarantee that the clinic uses the most up-to-date techniques, equipment, and that the medical personnel have received the necessary training.

Another important factor to consider when considering a hair transplant in the UK or Turkey is that Turkey has highly trained doctors and surgeons. Many of them have studied or worked in prestigious hospitals and thus are not only familiar with the most cutting-edge techniques and treatments, but also speak fluent English.

Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey perform hundreds or even thousands of hair transplants each year. Hence, they have a lot more experience than doctors in the UK, which means they can guarantee better results and have a lot more follicles implanted in a single sitting.

Is Hair Transplantation in Turkey Better than in the UK?

If you wish to undergo a hair transplant, Turkey and the UK are two of the first places that come to mind. In general, Turkey is a better alternative for a variety of reasons. To begin with, Turkey offers all-inclusive packages that include lodging, transportation, and other services in addition to the procedure.

In the UK, however, you will be charged separately for each step of the process. Second, while you will have the same or similar results whether you have your transplant in Turkey or the UK, you will pay less in Turkey. Overall, Turkey is a good deal for your money.


Turkey and its capital Istanbul is a world leader in cosmetic surgery. It will be the ideal location for your hair transplant. Furthermore, the majority of well-known clinics in Istanbul are certified, which should come as no surprise.

Being a popular tourist destination, Turkey offers a diverse range of tourist attractions that provide cultural enjoyment.

When comparing hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey with the UK, one clear conclusion emerges: Turkey is not only cheaper, but also offers a relaxing experience.

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