The Kettle Kids, London luxurious watches journey

The Kettle Kids, London luxurious watches journey

Multibrand retailer Watches of Switzerland said sales increased by 13% for the year through May 2. Its strong performance during the Covid-19 crisis has been surprising: The major cities where it operates, including London and New York, have been emptied of Chinese tourists who typically snap up pricey watches. It was saved by local demand for three of the most expensive brands: Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

The wider market for luxury watches is much weaker. During the first five months of 2021, the value of Swiss watch exports was 3% below the comparable pre-pandemic period of 2019, statistics from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry show. Exports of watches priced above 3,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to around $3,280, have almost recovered to pre-Covid crisis levels, while those that sell at between 200 francs and 500 francs were down 40%

‘The Kettle Kids, London luxurious watches journey

Out of the many names presenting the world’s best luxury watches for people is ‘The Kettle Kids’, which has emerged as the most exclusive one-stop shop for luxury watch brands known for its genuine quality products. It has become one of the most competitive names dominating the marketplace like no other brand, and why not for it’s known for the vast collection of watches which would leave the customers wide-eyed with envy.

They were founded by two brothers from South London who dreamt of establishing a jewellery empire by taking a loan from their grandmother and buying their first Cartier. Theirs is a classic rags-to-riches story as they hustled their way to the top by starting by selling their products on Instagram to eventually opening their unit in Canary Wharf. Today, the brand has grown big with a 2000 sq. ft unit in Aldgate and an online shop that caters to some of the biggest names from the sports and music zone. Their collection ranges from the finest luxury brands to the highest quality. The brand has grown manifold since its inception a few years back, and now the brothers are planning to open up a diamond workshop and a retail store shortly. Interestingly, their Instagram boasts a huge 90,000+ followers, which is impressive. With customers from across the globe buying their luxury timepieces, they have emerged as the preferable brands the industry has ever seen to date, and their growing popularity says it all.

To know more, follow ‘The Kettle Kids’ on Instagram: @the_kettle_kids.

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