CIRO: Fine Jewelry Finesse in Fashion Jewelry

CIRO: Fine Jewelry Finesse in Fashion Jewelry

The natural human desire for self-adornment is eternal, and the jewelry industry driven by it is steadily growing by over 8 percent annually, having topped USD 340 billion this year. The centuries-old ego-focused sector, however, has its branches and niches.

Great discoveries occur at the intersection of two or more branches of science, crosses, or hybrids in almost every sphere of human activity bring about surprising products or species that have the best of both worlds. Wedged between fine jewelry known for natural gemstones, gold and platinum that last a lifetime, and fashion jewelry, the much more affordable jewelry branch that offers adornments for everyday wear but not for a lifetime of use is a niche industry. This niche is characterized by spectacular design and the manufacturing quality nearing the fine jewelry and much lower prices. Some even call it “semi-fine” jewelry, a cross of fine and fashion jewelry. Best representing the niche is Ciro Jewelry, a company founded in 1917 that has been perfecting the great European jewelry traditions for over 100 years, bringing them to the US in the 1920s. With its flagship store in Vienna, the company is now focused on online trade.

Ciro’s products have the distinctive look and design of fine jewelry pieces. Ciro Jewelry uses proprietary CIROLIT, the AAA-rated cubic zirconia, natural corundum, moisonite, and lab diamonds. The faceted CIROLIT is perfect both for formal occasions—the Black Tie collections, and everyday wear and for going out—the Cocktail and First love collections. So whether it is a Christmas party, a wedding, or any formal event that calls for looking one’s best, Ciro’s adornments won’t let you down.

What further distinguishes Ciro’s products is that the stones are set in white gold-plated sterling silver. With sparkling nano emeralds, corundum blue sapphires, and rubies, they are as close to fine jewelry as possible. Nano gems are the best substitutes for natural color gemstones simulating their brightness, color, and to a great extent, the hardness of green emeralds, blue sapphires, and rubies.

By emulating fine jewelry design, craftsmanship, and overall superb quality that enable their pieces to last almost as long and look as refined, Ciro has managed to occupy a unique industry position where it gets the best of both worlds. To find out more about Ciro Jewelry’s latest collections, visit their tri-lingual website or follow them on Instagram.

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