Beginner’s Guide using cPanel Control Panel for hosting your new website

Beginner’s Guide using cPanel Control Panel for hosting your new website

Starting an online business requires quite a lot of grunt work. It would be best to manage everything optimally, from buying the right domain name to finding the perfect hosting solution. But once all of it is done, you will understand that this is the best control panel, cPanel, to host your website.

If you have never installed WordPress or any other web hosting platform, this is certainly a new term. cPanel is specifically designed for all the technical work to ensure perfect management of the website. It helps you gain control over minor website issues and solve them quickly, saving a lot of money.

What is a cPanel Control Panel?

Let’s begin with the basics; what is cPanel?

cPanel is a web-based graphical interface used as a control panel to control and manage servers, VPS, and websites you can find more about cPanel & WHM Documentation from their website. cPanel qualifies you to publish websites, organise webpages, handle domain DNS Services, create email accounts, and more, allowing the user to control various elements on the website. Default by the web host installs it. It has several tools that will enable you to set up email accounts, install SSL certificates, create subdomains, etc.

WHM cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the World. Many web hosting companies provide cPanel as a standard control panel to their customers as part of the Webhosting package. cPanel hosting is also quite famous in the WordPress community because it makes it extremely easy to install WordPress on your website.

Uses of cPanel?

Now, what does cPanel allow you to do?

This control panel is vibrant and qualifies the user to handle various processes. Here are some of the crucial tasks that you can launch with the help of cPanel:

The control panel contains two interfaces, a user interface called cPanel and a server administration interface named WHM (Web Host Manager.) WHM provides hosting providers with the means they require to control their server management operations. The user interface, cPanel, is easy to use and provides all of the features users need to manage their website. This combination makes it easy for users to manage their websites and provides hosting providers with the tools to manage their servers.

  • Setup email accounts
  • It allows you to set up forwarding email addresses too
  • Installation of software packages
  • Addition and management of domains
  • Viewing and managing files
  • Installation of SSL certificate
  • It provides you with metrics like bandwidth and your website visitors etc.
  • Create new databases

Benefits of cPanel:

For successful and optimal creation and management of your website, cPanel can be extremely helpful. Before the invention of cPanel, it was crucial to have expansive knowledge about server administration functions. But with cPanel, all the worries are set aside. With a highly user-friendly interface, cPanel allows you to efficiently manage almost all tasks regarding your website. Here are some of the cPanel benefits:


cPanel is simple to use. The user interface is simple and is faster to install and upload different tasks and features.


The flexibility that comes along with cPanel is impressive. The number of tasks it can help you achieve is incredible. Everything is found under one control panel, from server reports to several essential biometrics.

Cost-Effective Control Panel:

Site management platforms can be very costly, but cPanel is cost-effective. It streamlines your costs effectively, as you don’t have to spend on various features separately.


cPanel is secure to use. It is effective in website management and provides optimal security for it. It protects all your data and prevents malicious activity as well.


When looking for a good website hosting option, WHM cPanel is a great alternative. It might not be the best in the tech world, but it is an efficient and cost-effective choice to make.

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