Why you Should buy Pellini ScreenLine Integral Blinds

Why you Should buy Pellini ScreenLine Integral Blinds

With over forty years experience in manufacturing blinds, Pellini has received worldwide recognition for their ScreenLine integral blinds as they boast high energy efficiency while maintaining a stylish design. In this article, we shall explore all of the reasons why you should buy Pellini Screenline integral blinds and why they will elevate your home interior.

What are ScreenLine Integral Blinds?

Screenline Integral blinds are blinds that are integrated within an insulating glass unit and are designed to optimise heat and light making them highly energy-efficient. Pellini produces Screenline integral blinds in the following styles:- Venetian, pleated or roller blind.

As well as being energy efficient Screenline Integral blinds are also discrete as there is the ability to use thin slats that does not compromise the aesthetic look of the blind while still maximising the view.

Enhanced Privacy

Pellini ScreenLine integral blinds have a  sleek contemporary design that provides users with maximum privacy as individuals have full control over how much light they wish to allow into their home.  This is particularly appealing especially within the current climate of home working when individuals may have confidential meetings in which they need complete privacy to engage in and want to block outside distraction.


As Pellini ScreenLine integral blinds are encapsulated within the glass, they are highly durable as they will not get broken like regular blinds. This will remove the potential maintenance costs and keep your blinds in excellent condition over the years. Pellini ScreenLine integral blinds are particularly beneficial if you want to operate your blinds regularly and have children or animals as this is a safer option.

Clean for life

While regular blinds require frequent cleaning to prevent the build-up of dust particles, Pellini ScreenLine integral blinds do not require cleaning as they are dust resistant.  The low maintenance makes these integral blinds appealing to institutions such as hospitals and schools due to their hygienic properties of not requiring extensive cleaning and being allergy-friendly.


Pellini blinds offer a compact solution as they do not take up any extra space on top of the window frame. This means that you will be able to utilise the saved space in the way that you want and not have blinds or cords obstructing this area. In a smaller room, this will particularly assist in maximising your space and improving the overall aesthetic.

Solar Control

Pellini blinds are also energy efficient as they will help individuals to save money on their energy bills.  Pellini ScreenLine integral blinds allow light to be maximised into a room which results in a reduction in costs of heating and airconditioning. In the winter months, blinds can be fully opened to maximise the amount of light that will distribute throughout a room which is an alternative to heating a room through fire or central heating.  Contrastingly, in the summer months, users can operate integral blinds to be half or fully shut to reject sunlight coming into a room thus creating a cooler environment. 

Pellini have introduced product innovations to further improve energy efficiency through the creation of a coated slat V95 and the ability to place a brushless motor inside or outside the insulating glass.

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