How to Get Free IMVU Credits?

How to Get Free IMVU Credits?


IMVU is a metaverse and social network that is highly popular among the masses; it has gained a lot of popularity, attracting several traders. The avatar based social network is used by people to chat, play games, and do many creative things.

A unique platform for the market players, it is a virtual world with more than 7 million visitors daily. They chat, shop, share experiences and can earn money by creating virtual products.

But, the thing that concerns most of the users is how to get free IMVU credits to make the best use of the website services. Here, we have discussed the best ways to get free IMVU credit online.

Ways to get Free IMVU Credits

The 3D social network of IMVU is the most popular thing which makes millions of traders use it. They can access it on mobiles or desktops, whichever they find comfortable.

The website has its currency system, which is based on IMVU credits. Users of the platform need the currency to use the 3D virtual services. Below mentioned are the best ways that could be used to get free IMVU credits:

Daily Spin Game

The first thing that IMVU users can do to earn IMVU credits is using the spin game. This game helps users to earn credits and purchase online services at the Metaverse network.

The spin game is online roulette, and users can play it once after every 24 hours. It provides users with the chance to get 10 to 15 free IMVU credits. The method, however, is slow, but it is the most simple way to earn the credits.

In addition, this allows users to earn things they have included in their wishlist. An easy game without much involvement in brainstorming.

Tasks on IMVU

The second best way available to earn credit points on IMVU is to complete the tasks. It has three tasks: watching videos, completing the offers, and answering the surveys.

Users have to watch the sponsored video of IMVU, and each video makes the user earn six credit points. The passive method is great, although low credits but still a good way.

In the answering surveys, users give their feedback on things asked. Mostly the surveys are by the companies requiring the data and therefore are sponsored. Users who want to answer the survey have to provide demographic information and other data so that survey can be allocated accordingly.

The credit points of such surveys depend on the complexity of the surveys.

In the completion of offers, users have to subscribe to the partner’s apps or websites. The app, once installed for money or free, whatever is available, allocates IMVU credit points.

For example, has the facility of IMVU credit when a trader registers and earns points by doing various tasks.

These all are excellent ways of earning free IMVU credits and do not require much effort.

Earn Rewards

There are online websites that provide rewards to their members, which are in the form of IMVU credits. is a good example of this platform.

Users can answer surveys, do tasks, watch videos, etc., earn points and rewards for this and take free IMVU credits. There are IMVU gift cards that start from 10,000 points and could be earned easily within a few days of joining.

Other Methods

These were some of the easy and best methods that users can rely on for getting free IMVU credits. However, other than this, there are some more small ways how to get the free credits on the IMVU platform:

  • Get free Vcoin credit by joining contests and or upcoming events.
  • Earn 20+ free Vcoin credits by watching videos
  • Doing a survey and getting 2000+ Vcoin for free
  • Get free credit points for being a good chat room host
  • Join the creator program and earn credit points
  • Completing offers
  • Join the peer review program
  • Virtual gifts for inviting friends to join IMVU
  • Get daily rewards of 500+ coins as login credits
  • Buying and sending Vcoin
  • Shop
  • Complete top 10 rewards
  • Add or follow someone
  • Visit recommended rooms

All these are small tasks that can help IMVU users to get free credits and use them to purchase the services available on the social site. The credits earned to make the game fun on the IMVU social network.

It is recommended that users should analyse various manners to get these free credit points and have a great online experience at IMVU.

There are paid IMVU credits as well available for the users who can afford them; they can directly pay and buy them.


IMVU has good market potential and has grown since it was introduced in 2004. In the year 2020, it has seen the highest growth; many users are making it a daily routine to visit the website and take benefits of the services.

They play games, use virtual avatars, create chat rooms, visit virtual places, have online shopping, and many more such advanced facilities. Thus, IMVU has become a top-notch place to visit in the market.

Readers can go through the article to learn how they can get the free IMVU credits, and they can even know what’s the paid way of getting the credits as well. We hope this enhances the knowledge and helps users get free IMVU credits to make their best use.

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