Traditional vs VR Escape Rooms – What’s Better?

Traditional vs VR Escape Rooms – What’s Better?

Escape rooms are one of the most sought after adventures in the world right now. With mind-blowing puzzles, mystifying storylines and adrenaline-filled experiences, an escape room adventure is a truly fascinating experience.

However, when it comes to escape room adventures, there are two different versions that you can choose from. Traditional and virtual.

A VR London escape room as the name suggests is a completely immersive experience that is entirely powered by virtual reality software. 

Whereas a traditional escape room is a more real experience spread out over various actual rooms filled with props, furniture and other equipment required in the game. 

While both the experiences sound appealing, in this article, we will discuss both their intricacies and explore which one is better.

The Objectives of an Escape Room

Escape rooms are an experience where a group of people come together to solve a mystery or escape some sort of a fictitious danger with the help of clues and puzzles.

These experiences are generally time-bound and are created in an attempt to allow people to be a part of an adventurous experience without being in any real danger.

An escape room has two clear objectives that both resonate with the name of the experience. 

In an escape room adventure, the team works together to ESCAPE a calamity, a threat, or a dangerous situation and save the day.

On the other hand, the adventure provides the players with an ESCAPE from real life by allowing them into a fictional world involving various thrilling, fun, and adrenaline-inducing situations.

This means what makes an ideal escape room is a marvellous level of immersion that successfully transports a person’s mind into a fictional world worth spending time in.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s find out what escape room can give you a better experience, a traditional one or a virtual one.

Traditional Vs Virtual Escape Rooms

Today we will evaluate the quality of traditional and virtual escape room experiences based on three determining factors namely visuals, immersion, and adventure themes.

With the help of side by side comparison of both the experiences, we can easily determine which one you should go for the next time you plan an escape adventure.


When it comes to visuals, traditional escape rooms obviously give a far more realistic experience when compared to virtual escape rooms. However, this depends on the creators of the escape room and their level of perfection.

While the graphics of a VR escape room can be incredibly intricate and fascinating, they might not feel as real as traditional ones. 

However, virtual escape rooms have more freedom as they can exceed the boundaries of reality and transport you into an absolutely unreal world. A world that one can’t access in a traditional VR experience.

Immersion and Intensity

When it comes to immersion, there’s no doubt that a VR experience is way more intense than a traditional one. 

While a traditional escape room can appeal to various senses, a VR escape room hits the ball right out of the park with an extremely intense level of immersion.

With zombies, robots, and awfully real ghosts attacking you while you attempt to escape the fictional world that you’re in, a VR experience can be highly intense. 

Choice of Themes

Providing a wide range of escape room adventure themes can be extremely difficult for a traditional escape room owner. This may require a whole lot of manpower, space, and many other expenses. Furthermore, the themes in a  traditional escape room are limited to a certain extent.

On the other hand, VR escape rooms can provide you with a huge collection of themes filled with unimaginable experiences to choose from with very little effort. 

Since everything is absolutely digital, one doesn’t require as much space or manpower to execute an exceptional VR escape room experience. Resulting in a wider, more intense and unique set of themes. 


From what we observed, we can only conclude that while a traditional escape room experience can be more real, it is bound by a number of limitations. Limitations that a VR experience can exceed.

Therefore, we suggest that a virtual escape room is a better option due to a wide range of adventure themes, a high level of immersion and larger than life graphics. 

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