Five Reasons Why Petts Wood is Ideal for Your New House

Five Reasons Why Petts Wood is Ideal for Your New House

Petts Wood, in the Bromley borough, is located halfway between Chislehurst and Orpington. It is situated a short distance from London. The name Petts Wood was initially mentioned in 1577 as “the wood of the Pett family,” a shipbuilding family that leased the wood as a supply of timber. For a residential area, it provides something unique: the energy of a flourishing town combined with the vast greenery of parklands and woodlands. Petts Wood is an all-around lovely area to live in, with excellent transportation links, well-reputed schools, a rich heritage, fine infrastructure, and a welcoming community. Here are five reason to consider relocating, according to estate agents in Petts Wood.

Rich heritage with schools that are reputable, local and selective:

The various schools in Orpington and Petts Wood are a pull in and of themselves – indeed, many families have relocated to the area to benefit from Bromley’s reputation for excellent schools. Crofton Junior School, Crofton School and St James’s Catholic School are among the public and private schools in the area. All have received an Ofsted rating ranging from “Good” to “Outstanding.” However, you should be aware of catchment regions. Towards the northwest of the major commercial area is the Jubilee Country Park. Before 1977, the region was called ‘The Gun Sites,’ because it had been the site of anti-aircraft weapons during WWII and was also the site of the very first Petts Wood scout group.

Strong connectivity to London and the rest of the United Kingdom:

Petts Wood has a well-connected station with routine connectivity to London’s central business district. The plan was to build high-end estates in a rural area only a brief train ride from the city, starting with the east side. By train, London Bridge takes only 22 minutes, and Cannon, Victoria Street and Charing Cross all take less than 40 minutes. Trains run directly to Garden of England, Kent, from Canary Wharf. All of the principal towns in the area are connected by a comprehensive bus system, although the M25 and M20 are easily accessible if you prefer to go by car.

Green landscapes that are protected:

The broad woodland that hems it in on the Chislehurst side is one element that really distinguishes Petts Wood. Petts Wood and Hawkwood, which are protected and administered by the National Trust, are paradises for wildlife. Petts Wood was planted by the Pett family during the last quarter of the 16th century and is rich in local history. Oak, rowan, birch, ash, alder, sweet chestnut, and hornbeam grow in the woods. It has been known to inspire people: it was here, in the early 1900s, that William Willet devised daylight saving time while riding through Petts Wood just after sunrise.

Spring brings an abundance of wildflowers, which blanket the wood floor like a quilt. The woods are a swarm of activity in the summer, when the trees are in full bloom, while insects and other creatures flutter and gorge on the forest floor. Autumn brings a kaleidoscope of colours as the leaves fall from the trees. One can take in the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet and the earthy scents of the forest floor. It is a joy to take a brisk stroll through the serene woodland to discover the silent and unassuming beauty of winter.

A cornucopia of excellent eateries and cafes:

Petts Wood has a variety of outstanding restaurants that serve some of the best food in the area. The One Inn the Wood, which was named Regional Pub of 2015, offers a wide range of locally made ales and wines, wonderful food, and an unrivalled environment. Cyprianis is another interesting find in the colourful station square, where the fragrances of the Mediterranean pulsate. Alternatively, visit Osteria da Fabrizio on neighbouring Orpington High Street for a traditional Italian delicatessen experience, or try Xian for Eastern flavours if you’re lucky enough to secure a seat. Pizza 1889, located near the Nugent Shopping Centre, serves some of the best pizza north of Tuscany.

Various types of properties:

Petts Wood is a garden suburb with all the charm you’d expect. It also features a diverse assortment of homes to fit all budgets and interests, thanks to a number of various architectural efforts throughout its history. Large dwellings developed eastern side of the railway line are often of greater splendour than smaller, more tightly packed developments built west of the railway line. Mock Tudor mansions abound on streets like Willett Way, The Chenies and St Georges Road. They were designed by Noel Rees, a 20th-century master builder, and have been around for centuries.

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