What is the Most Reliable Motorhome to Buy?

What is the Most Reliable Motorhome to Buy?

A motorhome that’s commonly referred to as a motor caravan in the UK is a recreation vehicle that allows mobile living. They have a capacity of between 2 to eight people. A motorhome provides the users with a complete living package that includes, a sleeping area with comfy beds, a cooking area, a washroom, a relaxing area with a sofa and a source of entertainment for instance a Television set. There are quite a number of motorhome brands in the UK with different features. In the following article, we will discuss some of the things to look out for to ensure you get the most reliable motorhome.

The very first step of choosing a motorhome is to understand the type of motorhome you need. Whenever you look for used motorhomes for sale by Oaktree Motorhomes you realize there are different types of motorhome to choose from. Generally, there are five types of motorhomes to choose from namely; Class A motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Over-Cab Motorhomes, Low-Profile Motorhomes and Campervans. Each type of motorhome has distinctive features that make it very unique. For instance, the Class A motorhome is the most luxurious with ample space and suitable for long-distance travels with family and friends. 

Some of the key features of a reliable motorhome include

Well Made Bed And The Berth Area

It can be frustrating to keep making the bed on a regular basis since the motor home lacks a fixed sleeping area. The key feature of a reliable motorhome is having a well-made and set-out sleeping area. The sleeping area is determined by the number of people expected in the motor home. When having a more significant number of people on board, it’s advisable to choose from the larger motorhomes to guarantee comfort during the trip. Some of the popular bed layouts include Fixed Beds e.g. two fixed beds, transverse fixed beds, Island beds, French beds, Fixed over cabs beds, bank beds and Dropdown Beds. Motorhomes also have berths that range from 2-berth, 4-berth and 6 berths.

The Bathroom Area

The bathroom area is significant. Different people have different preferences when it comes to the bathroom area. Some decide to save on the bathroom area and instead, use a portable toilet, especially when planning for a camp. Some need added privacy and comfort when using the bathroom hence need one that is within the motorhome. In such instances, one needs to ensure the motorhome is large enough to hold an indoor bathroom. Larger motorhomes have sufficient room for a fixed basin, a cassette and a separate shower room. The bathroom area consumes a lot of space and the choice is determined by the size. The bathroom area should also have a water heating feature to ensure people have access to hot baths, especially during the cold seasons.

The Kitchen And The Dining Area

 The kitchen and the dining area are determined by the frequency of use and the number of persons using them. The larger the number of people using the kitchen area and the dining area translates to a larger motorhome. The other factor is that some people prefer to cook and then eat outside meaning that the dining area will not be needed. This will drastically reduce the total space required making the smaller motorhomes ideal for the layout. The best way to keep the kitchen area compact is by having cabinets installed and having foldable tables or pull-out tables. It will maximize the kitchen space.

The Sufficient Supply Of Clean Water

Water is an important requirement in our day-to-day lives. A most reliable motorhome requires to have sufficient clean water tanks to facilitate both drinking and other water uses like shower, cooking and washing. Motorhomes have two water supplies, one of the tanks is for clean water supply while the grey and the black water tank is used for other uses like cleaning and in the toilet. The bigger the motorhome the bigger the storage tanks.

The Storage Space Need To Be Large

One of the key determinants of a reliable motorhome is storage space. The size of the motorhome storage is determined by the number of things one needs for the trip like equipment for both indoor and outdoor equipment like bicycles, quad bikes and surfing boards. The other importance of storage space is that it can be used to pack some extra utilities and consumables needed for the trip. The bigger the motorhome the bigger the storage. Reliable motorhomes do have sufficient storage to meet the needs of the users without having to compromise or make hard decisions on what to carry and what to leave behind. 

In Summary

In the UK, there are quite a number of motorhome manufacturers that produce different sizes and with different features. The above-mentioned features will aid you in making the best choice and also help in the purchase of a motorhome that you can rely on for your family trips. The base factor in determining a reliable motorhome is the number of users. Large groups require larger motorhomes and smaller groups require smaller motorhomes. 

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