How to Do The Business Consciously? The Experience of The WhiteBIT CEO, Volodymyr Nosov

How to Do The Business Consciously? The Experience of The WhiteBIT CEO, Volodymyr Nosov

WhiteBIT is the most prominent digital asset exchange in Europe. The company from Kharkiv became competitive in Ukraine and then worldwide. Four years on the market have brought numerous useful tools, features, and opportunities to use digital assets.

Volodymyr Nosov, the CEO of the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, shared his experience on how to do business and keep its “human face” in wartime in the interview with Bloomberg Businessweek Türkiye. The company has many things to be proud of, such as helping Ukraine and its people. That’s why it’s so exciting and essential to hear and learn from the experience of the CEO of WhiteBIT, Volodymyr Nosov.

First, Volodymyr Nosov said: “During these tough times, a responsible business should be a support and foundation for the state and its people. From the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion, WhiteBIT has taken a principled stand in supporting Ukraine. The WhiteBIT crypto exchange instantly turned off all the operations with the Russian ruble, including buying crypto.”

Volodymyr Nosov, the WhiteBIT CEO, has also added: “Only throughout the first 100 days of the war, more than $4 million was raised for the vital needs of Ukrainians. $2.5 million of them were provided for purchasing first aid kits, food, and financial assistance to the affected civilians.”

Nosov also talked about established cooperation with Ukrainian authorities: “Together with the President of Ukraine, the exchange presented the development of a platform United24. It aimed at collecting donations and signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help Ukrainians receive quality consular services.”

Volodymyr Nosov also mentioned: “WhiteBIT is a company from Ukraine with Ukrainian specialists that provides technology products to the global markets. It is in demand in many countries. For example, today, Turkey is interested not just in our technologies but also in the necessary processes required for creating legislation, which has recently been implemented in Ukraine. We are happy to scale this experience.”

Volodymyr Nosov also said: “The company has customers from 150 countries. Furthermore, we open our offices globally. We have ten products that more than 50 million customers use in one way or another. WhiteBIT has grown ten times in the last year, providing up to 25 million traffic. It has the largest number of users in the European market. We have something to be proud of. And we don’t stop. Every day, we seek new opportunities to help Ukraine and our people”.

“A patriotic, honest, transparent business that supports the state, and its people, pays taxes, creates new jobs, and helps the Ukrainian voice to sound loud on all frontiers. It’s what a business with a «human face» should be,” added Volodymyr Nosov, the WhiteBIT CEO.

A few words about WhiteBIT, the digital asset exchange

Born in Kharkiv, WhiteBIT is one of the leading crypto exchanges in Europe, with over 1 million active users globally. With a dedicated team of over 600 specialists, the WhiteBIT exchange rapidly broke into the list of the most secured exchanges, according to rating, and got an AAA rating confirmed by a Hacken audit.

WhiteBIT has passed the way from one office in Kharkiv to multiple representative offices worldwide in just three years. Today, headed by Volodymyr Nosov solely, the Kharkiv crypto exchange WhiteBIT offers over 450 trading pairs and such tools as margin and futures trading with up to 20x leverage, six types of orders, and numerous lending programs with up to a 30% interest rate.

Recently, the WhiteBIT exchange launched its token, WBT. The pre-sale of digital assets ended 15 minutes after it began, with 1 million assets sold. WhiteBIT token gives numerous advantages to its holders, such as increased referral rate, fee reduction, free daily ERC20/ETH withdrawals, AML checks, and much more.

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