Some Great Pickled Recipe Ideas for the Most Delicious Christmas Gift or Giveaway

Some Great Pickled Recipe Ideas for the Most Delicious Christmas Gift or Giveaway

We’ve all heard of some classic pickled recipes – from the gherkins or dill pickles that everyone seems to love to pickled eggs, pickled onions, sauerkraut, and even kimchi! But if you want to give away something truly unique – something your friends and family have never had before – you may want to go all out and gift them with a jar of pickles. Yes, it sounds quirky and a little bit strange – but it’s perfect as a gift or giveaway because it’s completely homemade, and it’s something unique that most people will certainly appreciate (and we’re drooling as we write this!). So here are some great pickled recipe ideas for the most delicious – and tangy – Christmas gift or giveaway.

Pickled cherries

The first pickled item on the list is an amazing gift that you can plan ahead (six months is best) – just in time for the festive season! This sweet and tart treat goes really well with terrines, cured meats, pates, and more (and a few pickled cherries would look great with the rest of your charcuterie board favourites).

Pickled limes with a twist

We have all heard of pickled limes, but have you ever heard of Indian-style limes? This is another brilliant and tasty take on the classic pickled lime recipe, and the great thing about pickled limes, Indian-style, is that they’ll be ready in four weeks or one month. So for the best giveaway or gift ever, why not give a whole assortment of pickles? You can easily get your share of pickles straight from pickle manufacturers like EE & Brian Smith, and your assortment of pickles can be the perfect gift or giveaway.

Pickled grapes

If you’re looking for something extraordinary to gift to your friends and family this holiday season, look no further than pickled grapes – the red ones, that is. Fruits that are pickled might come across as strange, but pickled grapes are just right because the vinegar’s acidity offsets the natural sweetness of the red grapes. What’s more, it looks fantastic on anyone’s cheese plate or charcuterie board – or it can serve as an upgraded garnish to anyone’s martini!

Pickled jalapeno peppers

Another sure hit would be pickled jalapeno peppers; anyone would be happy to have a jar or two of these spicy but sweet treats. The Mexicans know it best – and you can easily make your own by using cane sugar vinegar or pineapple vinegar. If these kinds of vinegar are hard to find, you can always substitute apple cider vinegar – the refreshing acidity mixes well with the pepper’s slight sweetness and fruitiness.

Pickled eggplants

If you want something exotic, you can never go wrong with the Shiraz pickles – an eggplant pickle straight from the Iranian city of the same name. This goes equally well with the bottle of wine with the same name, and if you want the recipient to be happy with your gift, then you can give both!

There are tonnes of other pickle recipes – and some of these recipes, like Yucatan pickled red onions or pickled roasted eggplants – can be made on the day itself. You also have the option of making Harissa, or you can make some tangy and spicy Vietnamese pickled vegetables! The sky’s the limit indeed, and your friends and family will be perfectly amazed.

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