Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy CEO, on Building a Model for the Future

Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy CEO, on Building a Model for the Future

When he founded IM Mastery Academy, Christopher Terry set out to provide a platform for students who wanted to pursue a less traditional approach to financial education. Founded in 2013, the online platform offers students a mix of readings, prerecorded videos, and live mentorship opportunities on topics ranging from financial markets to e-commerce and social media branding. For Terry, the goal has always been to help self-motivated students on their journey to a future grounded in a commitment to education and the pursuit of new knowledge.

“There’s a great quote by Buckminster Fuller that reads: ‘You never change things by fighting [the] existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete,’” said Terry in a recent Instagram post. “This is exactly what I am referring to. You can’t create new results with the same thinking used to create your current results. To change your thinking, your habits, your actions, and ultimately your results, you must build a new model and prune the excess paradigms that no longer serve you.”

IM Mastery Academy represents Christopher Terry’s approach to providing students with the tools to build new models for their futures. Whether a student wants to learn more about financial markets or develop a sense of the latest strategies for approaching personal branding and influence on social media, IM Mastery Academy is designed to provide tools to encourage self-exploration through education.

IM Mastery Academy’s Expansion

While it was initially founded to focus exclusively on financial markets, for Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy had the potential to expand into other areas. Terry has since applied his underlying mindset of positive self-motivation, dedication to actively seeking learning opportunities, and connecting with others through live mentorship to create a range of academies under the IM Mastery Academy umbrella.

These academies include FRX for the foreign exchange (forex) market, DCX for digital currencies, ECX for e-commerce, TBX for time-based market exchange strategies, SFX for stocks and futures markets, SMX for social media branding and influence building, and MMX for mindset development and mentorship.

Christopher Terry’s IM Mastery Academy even launched a travel and lifestyle service, TLX, in 2022. The service enables members to book hotels and resorts at discounted rates and provides opportunities to take themed trips with other IM Academy members and educators.

Over half of the academy’s offerings were added in 2022, signifying that Christopher Terry’s model for IM Mastery Academy’s future is one of exponential growth. The newly launched academies are TBX, SFX, SMX, and MMX. As the Academy’s membership and international reach has grown, Terry has sought to broaden the scope of tools it can provide students.

The Future of IM Mastery Academy and Christopher Terry

IM Mastery Academy wrapped up 2022 with a 25 Days of Giving event showcasing its variety of resources, with educators offering free online video discussions of each academy.

This event is indicative of Christopher Terry’s emphasis on IM Mastery Academy’s commitment to live mentorship. While many online platforms  offer students asynchronous materials, IM Mastery Academy focuses on expanding on these sorts of resources by making educators available to students for GoLive online discussions.

IM Mastery Academy also hosts live events to foster these mentorship relations and a sense of community among individuals involved with the Academy, including students, educators, and independent business owners. These IM Beyond events often include keynote addresses from the leadership at IM Mastery Academy, including Christopher Terry and CFO and co-founder Isis Terry.

In 2022, the Academy hosted events in Palm Beach, Florida; Barcelona, Spain; Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona; and Zurich, Switzerland. Christopher Terry plans to host more IM Mastery Academy events in 2023, with an IM Beyond event already scheduled for Rotterdam, Netherlands, from March 16-19 and an IM Elevate regional event scheduled for Orlando, Florida, from March 24-26.

Christopher Terry and IM Mastery Academy will strive to continue to build out new academies and provide opportunities for new members to learn about those launched in 2022. With SMX and MMX launched in the last quarter of the year, these academies will likely be topics of discussion at upcoming IM Mastery Academy events and video discussion sessions.

As the Academy’s busy 2022 has shown, Christopher Terry continues to develop an ambitious model for IM Mastery Academy’s future, and it will be interesting to see how this model develops as the Academy celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023.

Note: Students of IM Mastery Academy access educational content only; academies do not offer investment advice or services to members.

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