What to Pack for a Safari Trip: The Ultimate Safari Packing List

What to Pack for a Safari Trip: The Ultimate Safari Packing List

5 Things You Need for Your Safari Trip

Are you planning a Safari, lately? Great! It’s going to be one adventurous ride. You are likely to witness the best landscape of mesmerising wildlife. While it’s certainly going to be an enjoyable trip, you must carry some essentials with you to make it convenient and hassle-free.

Although the list of essentials could be never-ending, here are a few things that you must carry along on your Safari trip:

Comfortable and Casual Clothing

For a safari trip, it’s recommended to choose your clothes wisely. Whether it’s the colours, combinations, or layers, you must pre-decide everything. For example, for your clothing colour and style, you should choose something casual with neutral colours like green or beige.

For the night, you must choose clothes with adequate coverage to prevent mosquito and bug bites. Also, pack in those layers with extra pockets and zip-off sleeves to combat low temperatures. Additionally, you should carry moisture-wicking undergarments and boxers with your apparel.   

Relevant Accessories

If you are planning a Safari trip without hats, sunglasses, or a scarf, you are missing out on important things. Always pack these three accessories to keep the sun’s heat and low temperatures at bay.

High-quality sunglasses with polarised lenses are a great way to protect your eyes in the scorching heat. As for hats, look for something that offers complete face coverage. It should also be water-absorbent or waterproof. Carry a buff wrap to keep your face dirt-free and hair out of the face.

Repellents and Creams

As you will be exploring the wildlife during your Safari, you are likely to experience lots of little creatures during your journey. That’s why carrying a repellent is important. As for other creams, pack along your moisturisers and sunblock to prevent any sunburn. Buy a sunscreen with 50+ SPF along with UVA/UVB coverage and apply/reapply generously.


You must keep your cameras handy to capture all the incredible animals and plants that you see during your visit. Of course, you can carry your mobile phone for pictures and videos, but if you want real-time and authentic pictures, you must carry a good-quality HD camera.


If you are planning a Safari in Kruger national park tours, you may not have to carry food and water. That’s because Kruger tours include arrangements like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mineral water for all the tourists (depending on the package). However, you can carry some snacks to munch on.

Additionally, you must pack the following:

  • Closed-toe shoes to prevent those insect bites and thorny plants
  • Binoculars to get a close and real-time view of the animals/birds
  • Journals to write about your experience and note down any unique things that you see
  • Charger for your mobile phones, cameras, laptops, headphones, etc. If possible, you must carry a portable charger and an extra battery (for the camera).
  • Cash in hand for any emergencies

To Conclude

Have you packed these essentials for your Safari trip? If yes, then you are good to go! If not, add these items to your packing list so you don’t have to search or ask for these things when necessary. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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