Flasher exposed himself in Mankini

Flasher exposed himself in Mankini

A WAREHOUSE worker performed a sex act in his bedroom while wearing a black leather mankini in full view of a horrified woman, a court has heard.

Gary Wilson, 46, of Ecton Brook, Northampton, appeared at the town’s magistrates’ court for a trial yesterday (MON) and was found guilty of four counts of exposure following repeated incidents – some while he was naked.

He claimed he was getting ready for the gym when when he was said to have performed a sex act while wearing a ‘mankini’, a man’s bathing suit made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen’s film character, Borat.

The court heard evidence from a woman who said she felt “violated” by Wilson’s behaviour after she saw him performing a sex act in front of his bedroom window on September 13, 14, 15 and October 4 last year.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court that she formed the opinion that Wilson was deliberately exposing himself to her after the third occasion, when she saw him performing a sex act with one foot on a window ledge while wearing a black leather mankini,

Laura O’Malley, prosecuting, said that the final charge of exposure was witnessed by a second woman, who also gave evidence at the trial.

She told the court it was “quite a shock” when she saw Wilson performing a sex act in front of his bedroom window naked.

After being arrested by police, Wilson denied the charges and said he may have been “getting changed for the gym” at the time the women saw him.

However, Wilson also admitted that he did sometimes have phone sex with a girlfriend, who he had met on Facebook, and did not always close the blind in his bedroom.

Giving evidence, Wilson, who is now single, said he felt “highly embarrassed” that someone had seen him performing a sex act.

When asked by defence solicitor Amanda Bewley whether he owned a mankini, Wilson said he “didn’t know what one was” and “didn’t own anything like it”.

Ms Bewley, summing up, said there had been “no evidence to the court to say Wilson was specifically looking at the woman” and intending to cause her alarm or distress.

Wilson was found guilty of all four charges of exposure and was told by chairman of the bench, Susan Fairley, that a punishment of at least six weeks custody was being considered.

The case was adjourned until next month to allow for probation reports to be carried out.

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