Sick Students pose with human remains

Three forensics students from the University of Wolverhampton posed alongside human remains for sick photos that were then posted on the internet. 

Two smiling female students are seen holding up a skull in one of the images. Another picture shows a student holding a human bone in a lewd pose. 

All three were today facing expulsion as the university began disciplinary action against those involved for bringing it “into disrepute”. 

A fellow student contacted the Express & Star to raise concerns about the behaviour of the three with the bones, which were on loan from Gloucester Museum. 

The images were posted on social networking site Facebook. The student said: “These were real human skeletons and some of our classmates took some lewd pictures of themselves. 

“They appeared on Facebook as well and we complained about the unacceptable behaviour. 

“We think these photos are disgusting.” 

Today the university said the students involved had not been suspended as that sanction was reserved for cases of physical violence against students or staff. 

But Prof John Darling, Dean of the School of Applied Sciences, said: “We are currently undertaking disciplinary proceedings against three forensic and anthropology students who have been found to be behaving inappropriately with human remains and thus bringing the university into disrepute. 

“The matter has now been referred to our suitability panel, who will consider the findings and then recommend the next steps.” 

The panel could now decide that the matter be passed on for independent judgment by another senior member of university of staff. Alternatively, it could be passed to an external fitness to practise panel. 

The ultimate sanction for both routes is expulsion from the university.

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