Solid gold Roman pendant shaped like a penis discovered

Solid gold Roman pendant shaped like a penis discovered

THIS distinctive piece of treasure is real Goldmember that Austin Powers would be proud of.

The solid gold phallic-shaped pendant was discovered by a treasure hunter and is currently the subject of a treasure trove inquest.

The Roman golden pendant is 2cm long and is considered a good luck charm that wards off the ‘evil eye’, with golden balls that even David Beckham would be jealous of.

Lynn County Court heard yesterday (MON) the pendant was found on land belonging to farmer Neil Riseborough at Hillington, King’s Lynn, on January 30 this year by Kevin Hillier.

Neither of the men attended the short hearing, but Norfolk Coroner William Armstrong said he had documentary evidence from Mr Hillier that he found the pendant while metal detecting on Mr Riseborough’s land.

Evidence was also submitted that Mr Hillier had permission to carry out metal detecting on that land.

Reading from a report sent to the British Museum by archaeologist Erica Darch, from Norfolk museums Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, the coroner said it was a gold pendant “in the shape of a phallus”.

He declined to elaborate on the description – other than to say it was Roman and the gold content clearly defined it as treasure trove.
But Internet research showed that phallic symbols were believed to have magical properties and were a common Roman motif.

A report of a similar find said phallic pendants like this were “personal amulets to ward off the evil eye”.

No expert was available from Norfolk Museums Service to comment on the find.

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