Football season injury table

Football season injury table

MANCHESTER United have taken a lot of criticism in recent weeks, with many people giving them the unwanted accolade of being the poorest title winning side for many years.

However new injury statistics have been released that reveal the Red Devils may deserve a lot more credit than they have received.

United suffered the third most injuries of any club this season, having players out on 52 separate occasions. This was only beaten by Tottenham (61) and Arsenal (58).

Despite suffering so many injuries, their medical team were able to keep the average time out per player down to 21.75 days, the second lowest in the league behind West Brom (18.78).

The analysis carried out by, who collate the injury database for the Premier League, showed that Sunderland suffered the most, having players miss a total of 2001 days throughout the season. Blackpool and Bolton had the least injuries (20 each) with West Brom’s cumulative figure the lowest at 432 days.

The most notable figure arose from looking at each team’s key players. West Ham suffered with this having them absent for a total of 292 days.

Of the other relegated teams Birmingham had top players missing for 243 days and were suffering the most amount of injuries in the final weeks of the season, whilst Blackpool only suffered this fate for 16 days.

In West Ham and Birmingham’s case, this may well have played a key part in their relegations, experts claim.

Stuart Mills from said: “This has been a phenomenal season with twists and turns right up to the death.

“When we break down the statistics at the end of the season we always see some clear factors that have influenced the table as well as some surprises.

“Man Utd have done extremely well to push on despite their injury list, although a bigger squad always helps.

“When you look at the players West Ham have had out, you realise what a tough task they were up against.”

The full injury table is available to view at


Club No. of injuries

Tottenham Hotspur    61
Arsenal    58
Manchester United    52
Liverpool    47
Aston Villa    46
Sunderland    45
Everton    42
Newcastle United    40
Blackburn Rovers    39
Manchester City    38
Birmingham City    35
Wolverhampton Wanderers 34
West Ham United    32
Fulham    28
Stoke City    28
Chelsea    27
West Bromwich Albion    23
Wigan Athletic    22
Blackpool    20
Bolton Wanderers    20

Club    No. of days off

Sunderland    2001
Newcastle United    1643
Arsenal    1587
Tottenham Hotspur    1528
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1162
Manchester United    1131
Fulham    1128
Everton    1116
Liverpool    1109
West Ham United    1093
Bolton Wanderers    1071
Blackburn Rovers    1042
Aston Villa    1027
Birmingham City    960
Stoke City    922
Manchester City    895
Blackpool    843
Chelsea    785
Wigan Athletic    556
West Bromwich Albion    432

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