Kids banned from playground

Kids banned from playground

A STRICT health and safety rule has left children at John Hampden Primary School unable to use their own playground facility.

The popular ‘trim trail’ has been made off limits to kids after school by Oxfordshire County Council.

It is a move which has been described by parents as ‘health and safety gone mad’.

Dad Gary Newbrook said: “My children particularly like playing on it and to have that taken away from them is disappointing.

“It seems to me quite strange that the county council won’t allow children to play on this but will provide the public playgrounds for them.

“This is no more dangerous than any other equipment and as a parent I accept that if a child falls and hurts himself then ok – that is what children do.

“Kids are being sheltered and wrapped up in cotton wool and are not being able to do what they want to.”

The trim trail was often used by children in the 30 minutes directly after school when they were being supervised by parents.

But a letter sent out by the school last week states that the equipment can only be used when a teacher is present.

But, Mr Newbrook does not blame the school for the decision.

He said: “We know this is nothing to do with the school and are not angry at them – they are just following the authorities.”

In response, a county council spokesman said: “We understand and sympathise with parents who are perplexed by this situation and we plan to discuss the matter with our insurers.”

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