Minature art made of loo roll

Minature art made of loo roll

THEY may be the bane of many women’s lives who nag their other halves for leaving them lying around, but these empty loo rolls have proved an unlikely home for an incredible collection of miniature art.

From fishing to playing football, hanging the washing out to painting, these empty cardboard tubes cleverly depict scenes from everyday life.

Anastassia Elias, a French artist who has turned empty loo rolls into creative artworks with fascinating models hidden inside them.

Anastassia Elias, 34, masterminded the painstaking project, which has been exhibited in France and appeared all over the internet.

The artist and illustrator, from Paris, said: “I try to show the beauty of simple things and the everyday life.

“Life is composed of small events that go unnoticed. I wanted to put these neglected events on a pedestal and to show that everyday life is not boring.”

She came up with the idea after simply looking at an empty roll and wandering what she could do with it.

Anastassia cuts small paper shapes and then painstakingly sticks them inside the toilet paper tubes using tweezers. She uses the same colour paper as the roll, giving the illusion that the paper figures make part of the roll.

Other intricate models she has created include a scene from a classroom, a busy market scene and a mother and child watching monkeys climbing trees at the zoo.

The GBP90 creations come alive when light is shined through the roll from one end.

Anastassia said she takes the inspiration from her work by looking at people around her.

She said: “The imagery of my work comes from looking at people around me going about
their everyday life.

“I have to find what I can do with recuperated materials. And one day I looked at an empty roll and wandered if I could do something with it. And later, with no reason, I had an idea.”

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